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He laughs. I love the sound of his laughter. This is a man I could fall in love with. Or already have fallen in love with. At this point, it doesn’t really make a difference either way. I’ve fallen in love with all of them. “No,” he says. “They’d rather suffer.”

Knox holds me as I sleep and I wake to his mouth eating my pussy before he thrusts his big cock deep inside me.

We spend three whole days almost constantly connected. I feel surprisingly, and completely, content. There are no more surprises. I’ve met all five of them and I’ve known them intimately. I’m in love with each of them, for different reasons. And for the same reasons.

Strangely, because I’m free and in the moment and overwhelmed by wave after wave of extreme, lustrous pleasure, I’ve never felt so happy in my life. Sure, I have the occasional fleeting moment when I miss the comforts of home. But it passes. With my next orgasm. With my next fix of Knox’s essence.

After three days, the others decide he’s had enough.

It’s time to share.

They show up at the lake and we can see them from the open door. They’re bloody and dirty and they’re carrying some of their hunting bounty. They light a fire and start cooking the meat.

Knox doesn’t care that they can see what he’s doing to me. Taking me from behind. Pumping me full of his seed. We come together. After, he reluctantly pulls out. I’m literally covered in head to toe with his cum. It’s sticky on my thighs. It’s in my hair. It’s on my chin and my breasts. He carries me down to where the others are, like a trophy. Like he wants to show off how claimed I am by him.

They’re cooking the meat, sitting around the fire.

Their knives and spears are laying on the ground around them, easily within reach, and it’s a warning.

Either we reach an understanding or we don’t.

I know what will happen if we don’t. They’ll fight to the death for me. Loki with his silver eyes and his lethal bow and arrow. Bodhi with his copper-gold hair and his sharpened spear. Drake with his muscles and his tomahawks. Quade with his golden hair and his rough, jagged weapons. Knox with his alpha beauty and his deadly hunting knife.

I don’t want violence.

I want all of them. So I go over to where Drake is sitting and I kiss his lips, licking lightly into his mouth until his cock starts to get hard. Then I go to Quade and do the same, fingering his cock as it hardens. Once it has, I walk over to Loki and Bodhi. I offer my breasts to them and they suckle my nipples. And I go to where Knox is sitting. Because I’m afraid of his violence the most, I gently push him back on the bank of the shore until he’s lying flat, then I straddle his waist so I’m sitting on top of him. They’re gathering around me. Bodhi’s standing behind me so I take his cock in my fist and guide it to my backside, so he’s touching my pucker with the head of his cock. Loki’s standing behind him, very close to him, touching Bodhi. I lick the head of Drake’s cock to taste the beginnings of his seed. And I hold Quade’s cock in my other fist as I sit down onto Knox, sliding along his huge length until I’m fully impaled by him.

They know what I want and they’re hard and lusty enough to oblige me.

I lean forward onto Knox so Bodhi can take me from behind. He licks the cove of my ass until I’m wet enough, then he pushes his cock into me. Loki’s kissing Bodhi, taking him from behind. I work them with my hands and my body until they’re all groaning. I take Drake’s cock deeper into my mouth as Quade rubs his cock against my breasts and plays with my button. I work Quade’s cock with my hands as I ride Knox.

We’re giving each other pleasure, all of us.

I’m moaning and gasping. I feel so full and so complete.

I grind and writhe and take everything. I work Knox and Bodhi with my body, Drake with my mouth and Quade with my hands, until we’re all coming.

I’m coming.

Oh, God, I’m coming so hard, I’m having some kind of religious experience. The pleasure is excruciatingly good. I drink Drake’s seed as Knox and Bodhi fill me, as Loki works Bodhi from behind and as Quade rains his seed all over my breasts.

We lay in a heap in the sun for a while, sticky and sated and fully alive.

We swim and they feed me and from that moment on, I belong to all of them.

Sometimes they fight but there’s an easy solution. I take them both. I take them all. I offer myself to them so they don’t have to fight over me.

“I love you,” I tell them.

My beautiful lovers.

My fantasy life.

How did I get so lucky?

It’s not long before my belly starts to swell. I was never allowed to learn about genetics or how conception works so I like to imagine that all five of them are the father of my unborn baby. When my breasts get very full and the milk starts to come in they all drink from me. I laugh and tell them they won’t be able to drink when the baby comes but they don’t care. They know they’ll get whatever they want from me, because I love them so much and nothing makes me happier than making them happy.

They all marry me in a ceremony with Knox as the celebrant, then they argue about who gets to go first so I end up making them all come right there on the altar.

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