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Sometimes I’ll spend time alone with each one of them but most of the time they’re content now to live together. We’ve built a bigger house near the beach that runs the length of the cove I first washed up on. There’s a main room, and they each have their own sleeping areas. Sometimes they all share me or I make love to more than one of them at a time, but most nights I move from bed to bed. If one of them pleases me, I sometimes give them extra time.

They’re always trying to please me.

My belly is very swollen now and I can feel the baby kicking and moving inside me. I’m walking down the beach collecting shells when I see something far out in the bay.

A ship.

Knox is fishing nearby and I show it to him. We find the others.

I know what they’re thinking: do we want to be rescued?

Our life feels charmed and private and beautiful. We know it’s taboo but we’re used to it now. We like it that way.

But then we decide to build a fire and add wet grasses and leaves to it so it smokes a lot.

They wrap leather cloths around their waists and Bodhi fashions a dress of sorts for me to wear. It’s the first time I’ve worn clothing in all the time I’ve lived on the island. Loki keeps a calendar for me, with little carved notches for each day I’ve been here. I figure it’s about nine and a half months since my plane crashed.

The ship sends a smaller boat for us and we leave our island behind.

It makes me cry.

Quade wipes my tears and kisses me.

I can tell from the looks the sailors give us that they can tell what our story is. They can see that I belong to all of them.

My men are very possessive of me. They won’t let any of the sailors come near me. They make sure I’m well fed and comfortable and they gather around me and hold me when the contractions start.

It’s on that ship that I give birth to a perfect baby boy.

We name him Elijah.

We arrive in Australia and the people mob us and want to interview us and write stories about us.

Knox negotiates deals and we end up selling our interviews and our story to an American media conglomerate for a total of five hundred million dollars.

I try to make contact with my parents but when they hear about what happened to me they refuse to see me. Which is too bad, but not surprising. They spent my childhood trying to shield me from the kind of scenario that ended up changing and charming my life. Besides, I have a new family now.

We soon get tired of the media circus.

We end up using the money to buy a secluded island off the coast of Florida, where I have four more babies and we live happily ever after.

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