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Julia’s passionate nature was constantly astounding him, taking him unaware and leaving him reeling in the wake.

“Ross,” she cried, her orgasm fast approaching. Leaning over, she kissed him, nipping his bottom lip, drawing blood, as her climax shook her entire body. “Oh God.”

Losing himself in the strength of her powerful convulsions, Ross gave himself up to his second climax in an hour.

How had he spent ten years in this woman’s presence and failed to notice the tigress caged beneath the surface?

Julia placed her head on his shoulder and Ross felt her slipping into sleep. Tucking her more tightly against him, he lifted her from the water. He reached for a towel, then carried her back to the bed and placed her in the middle to gently dry her off.

Exhausted from her exertions, Julia never stirred. Once she was dry, he climbed in beside her, wrapping her up in the soft blanket and his arms.

“Sleep well, Brown Eyes,” he whispered as sleep came to claim him as well.

Chapter Four

It was still dark when Julia felt something stir behind her. Startled, she came fully awake, uncertain of her surroundings for a split second. A soft shhh wafted by her ear and she recalled everything. Ross, the research, the greatest sex of her life, an orgasm—no, three! All of it came back to her in a rush and she smiled into the dark room—feeling happier than ever before.

Attempting to roll over, she stopped as she realized her hands were tied together above her head and anchored to the headboard. A slight tremor of fear coursed through her until she remembered she was with Ross, who would never hurt her.

“Ross,” she started, only to be silenced by a light smack on her buttocks.

“Hush,” he said harshly, his voice strangely different. “You will only speak when asked a direct question.”

“What?” she asked, only to be spanked again, this time harder than the first.

Leaning over her, Ross whispered in her ear. “Don’t make me gag you. I want you to be able to beg me for everything I’m going to do to you.”

A shiver of anticipation flowed through her. With her hands securely tied, Julia had never felt so helpless—or aroused.

Ross began to speak again, his voice farther away as Julia listened to him cross the room. The sound of logs being thrown onto the fire told her where he had gone.

“There’s no use screaming,” he said, his voice again foreign to her. “Your ship has been sunk, your men killed. You are the sole survivor and your life will only be spared so long as you do as you are told.”

A fantasy, Julia thought, considering his words. He’d taken her captive. Excited beyond belief, she remained quiet on the bed as Ross continued to draw the picture in her mind.

“My men found you and had every intention of taking you, using you themselves. Imagine how dismayed they were when I claimed you. It’s the captain’s right, you know, to choose his portion of the spoils first. We’ve been at sea for nearly six months. So many men desperate for a woman’s body. I may still give you to them. If you fail to please me.”

Julia whimpered slightly, the fantasy becoming real to her. She was a character in her own book—Ross taking on a role of her own creation.

Black Jack was one of her latest books and the fact that Ross was taking on the role she’d created with him in mind caused her to go wet with anticipation, wondering what he would do next.

She was amazed to discover what a powerful effect his words had on her. Ross’s superior attitude, his tone of voice, his understanding of the character was so authentic she could almost imagine the room was swaying like a ship at sea.

Closer now, Ross leaned over the bed, his hand lightly caressing her bare bottom. She was lying facedown on the bed, her naked body completely uncovered. In spite of the fact Ross had seen her nude before, somehow she felt more exposed as she considered Ross in his role as a pirate captain, seeing his captive sex slave for the first time.

She adopted a frightened tone, mimicking her own heroine. “Please, Captain, I beg of you. Don’t hurt me.”

Ross’s hand came down hard on her bare ass. “I have not given you permission to speak,” he shouted so loudly Julia began to shake in earnest.

“It is time, madam, you learned your place here.” Grabbing her hips, Ross pulled upwards. “Bend your legs and put them under you.”

Doing as he commanded only earned her a harder spanking. “Open your legs. I’m your master now and you will keep yourself open to me. I always want your pussy and ass in clear view. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes sir,” she stuttered, the intensity of the moment, of the fantasy, almost driving her to climax. Clearly, Ross was embellishing the plot—adding an erotic dimension Julia couldn’t anticipate or resist.

* * *

Behind her, Ross didn’t try to hide his grin. How much the fantasy was exciting her was evident in the tremors shaking her body. He knew Julia would love role-playing in bed. She’d spent the last ten years acting out her own romantic fantasies on paper.

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