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Now he would give her a chance to experience them for real, with his own desires added in to spice things up. The main benefit in acting out some of her stories was that many of his fantasies seemed to be tied directly to hers.

Dominating her in bed, seeing her tied up and helpless, his to command in all things, was by far the most exhilarating moment of his life.

“Whenever I enter this cabin, you will stop what you are doing and throw yourself prostrate at my feet, facing away from me in just this manner. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” she replied, her voice taking on a husky sound that drove him crazy. The image of her on the bed, hands tied above her head with her ass in the air and open to him was one he was certain to take to his grave.

“Your clothing has been disposed of,” he added.

“What?” she asked, fully enmeshed in her role.

He slapped her ass hard three times, leaving the flesh hot and red.

“Are you questioning your master?” he asked roughly.

“No,” she whispered.

“No what?” he demanded.

“No sir.”

“Have you ever had a man?” he asked gruffly, reaching out to prod at her wet entrance with rough fingers.

“N-no sir,” she replied. Then bravely, adding in character, “Please, sir, I am a lady. I must save myself for my husband and my wedding night.”

He met her comment with another spanking, this one harder than all the rest. The sight of Julia’s gorgeous backside, red from his hand, compelled him to continue fulfilling his own dark needs—the fact she was playing along and not shying away left him rock hard. Her pussy dripped with her undeniable desire.

“There will be no husband,” he growled. “And your wedding night is tonight. This will hurt, my little virgin,” he added harshly as he placed his erection at the opening of her wet pussy.

“Some day,” he continued, “you will beg me for what I am about to give you.” With that, he slammed into her, entering her completely in one powerful thrust. Julia’s screams of rapture and the tight clamping of her cunt drove him on.

No longer mindful of the fantasy, Ross pounded into her accepting body as if his only salvation lay at the end. Julia, delirious with passion, began to climax almost immediately, but Ross merely continued to lay siege to her body.

Giving her no reprieve, he continued his sweet assault until Julia’s orgasms began to hit her one after another, without cease, without mercy, until finally Ross let her take him overboard with her.

Several minutes passed before either of them came back to earth. Ross grimaced when he realized he’d collapsed on top of his tiny love.

“Sorry,” he muttered, moving over to lie beside her. Reaching up, he released the ties holding her hands, gently massaging her sore shoulders.

No sooner had he released her than Julia threw her arms around his neck, kissing him as if he’d given her all the gold in Fort Knox.

“Ross,” she sighed, still breathless. “That was incredible. Amazing. I’ve never, I mean, I never knew—”

She struggled for the right words, but Ross stopped her by simply saying, “Me either.”

“Can we do it again?” she asked, looking so much like a child begging for a puppy that Ross burst into laughter.

“Right now?” he asked with a shake of his head. “Jesus, Jules, it’ll take me a year to build up enough strength to leave this bed, let alone love you like that again.”

Julia grinned. “I wouldn’t mind spending a year in this bed with you.”

“You,” he said, lightly kissing her nose, “will most definitely be the death of me. Go to sleep, angel.”

Snuggling into his arms, Julia didn’t need to be told twice. Ross suspected she was asleep before her head hit his shoulder. Gathering her tightly against him, he too succumbed to the deep slumber of a man well and truly satisfied.

Chapter Five

The smell of bacon frying permeated the air, waking Julia from a sound sleep. Breathing deeply, she slowly opened her eyes, shocked, yet delighted by the image she saw.

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