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She could sit like this for hours, enjoying him.

Seeing him relax.

She felt him empty his mind of all thought.

How does he do that so easily?

Being in possession of the Talent, she was supposed to learn how to do a similar thing herself, but she’d always found it hard to reach that state the Kordolians calledthe void.

She’d only been able to do it once or twice.

Elgon said that if she ever reached the point where she could do it as easily as Ash, she’d be formidable indeed.

But maybe she’d never reach that point. It didn’t matter. As long as he was by her side, she would feel like she was enough.

A deep growl emanated from within him, reverberating through his body. She kneaded his shoulders, gently pressing his deltoids and trapezius muscles, which were taut with tension.

Then she shifted upwards and lay down on him, pressing her belly against his bare back. She gathered his hair, running her fingers through it, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

Unable to resist, she took his soft, silken, sandalwood-smelling hair between her fingers and fashioned it into a single long braid.

“Mhmm,” he murmured, still with his eyes closed. She let the braid slip from her fingers and lay forward, nuzzling his neck.

He smelled so good. Of shower-scent, soap, andmale.

So. Are you relaxed now?

Yes and no.Still with his eyes closed.


You were right. I’ve never experienced such a state before.He reached up and found her hands, twining his fingers through hers.You have magical hands, mysarien.

“And yet youstillaren’t relaxed?” Her ownka’quithrummed in response to his presence. It was as if both their souls were reverberating at the same frequency.

He rolled over, and suddenly she was facing him, her torso pressed against his, her waist caught in his firm grasp.

She was still on top of him, but he was in control now.

And she could feel his erection pressing against her.

You do this to me and then expect me to lie back and take it easy?

Delight and anticipation rippled through her. “I didn’t say that. I just wanted you to feelrelaxed.”

I’m relaxed now. And I also want to fuck you.

She stared into his obsidian eyes; into his usually cold face, which was now transformed by a boyish grin.

How beautiful he was.

“The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.”

Apparently not.

His hands slipped beneath the seam of her panties. She was wearing nothing but her underwear and an oversized hoodie.

Ashrael slid his fingers down… and stopped.

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