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She felt the ripple of hiska’qui.Usually intimidating, it was now gentle and playful.

A flutter of warm energy danced across the palms of his hands, sending a frisson of warmth through her. She couldfeelhis energy on her bare skin; a faint whisper, a gentle invisible pressure.

The fluttering, swirling sensation slipped lower, but still, his hands didn’t move. She felt a faint pressure against her entrance, then her clit, along with a trace of warmth.

Is this really…?

The pressure grew stronger, engulfing her, slippinginsideher, creating an intensely pleasurable sensation as it pulsated against her clit.

“A-are you a magician?” she gasped.

Ashrael just chuckled softly as he channeled his damnka’qui, using it as cleverly as he did his tongue.

Until the tension was blissfully unbearable, and she came.

How did he…?

Noa dug her fingers into his chest and arched backwards, closing her eyes as a soft moan of pleasure issued from her lips.

And as she reveled in the aftershocks of her climax, Ash gently guided her onto him, and being so terribly aroused, it wasn’t hard to simply straddle him and receive his cock.

She almost came again as the raised ridge along his shaft glided across her most sensitive and highly aroused point.

He put one hand on the small of her back and gently guided her, encouraging her to rock her hips back and forth, and after a while, Noa became lost in their undulating rhythm, and shesworeshe could climax again.

So she did, again and again, watching his smooth face until there was just a glimmer of tension in his eyes; in his slightly open mouth, which revealed a glimpse of his sharp fangs.

Unable to help herself, she leaned forward and kissed him, moving faster and faster, guided by the feeling of pleasure that came whenever she rocked her hips back and forth.





He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her back; gently, savagely, until he, too, lost his composure, and she was so frantic for release—both of theirs—that she became a little wild and frantic, and he wasn’t smiling anymore, because his expression had grown terribly intense, and at last, he pulled her close and found release.

And it was the best release of all, because when she came again, she was held tightly in his warm, powerful arms.

Inhaling him. Absorbing his energy. Allowing herself to be engulfed by him.

He was everything.

And later, when they were lying side by side, both spent and pleasantly drowsy, she reached forward and tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear. “How did you do that, Ash?”

What?He was smiling again.

The thing… you know what I mean. With yourka’quiand…

I thought I’d try a new technique. The Zor might have been cruel bastards, but their ancient texts contain some interesting gifts.

“You’ve been reading again.”


Good lord. The man had learned how to give her an orgasm with just hismind.“That’s not fair.”

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