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‘Aren’t you?’

She smiled at him. ‘I am.’

‘I also heard something outside, so I crept across the hallway to look out the front window and I definitely saw someone on a sledge led by a dog.’

Erin laughed. ‘You saw Santa?’

‘I think I did.’

‘Do you think he left us anything under the tree?’

‘He might have done. But then that would mean he’d have come in the house and that’s a bit unsettling so perhaps he left it on the doorstep.’

‘We’ll have a look after, shall we?’


‘After this.’ Erin pulled Leo towards her and kissed him. He wrapped his strong arms around her and she melted into his embrace. Last night they’d talked for hours about what they felt, about their fears, about what they both wanted from life and love and from each other. It had been freeing to be so open and honest and she knew now where they both stood. They wanted this, wanted to be together and had agreed to enjoy Christmas then make some changes. Erin was planning on giving up her room in the house share in Bath and coming to stay with her parents for a bit and Leo was going to put his London apartment on the market and look for somewhere in Wisteria Hollow. They wouldn’t move in together immediately, but they would spend time together and get to know each other properly again.

Erin knew that she adored Leo; she always had done and always would do. He said he felt the same and even after everything she’d been through with Billy, she knew she could trust Leo. She’d known him all her life and he wasn’t the type of man to break her heart. She would put her faith in him as he would in her and they would make the most of every single day. They’d both learnt that time was to be treasured and agreed that they didn’t want to waste another minute apart when they could be together.

As Leo’s kisses grew more passionate, Erin relaxed into his embrace and before she lost all sense completely, she had one clear thought…

This was definitely going to be a Christmas to remember on Sunflower Street…

The End

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