A Christmas to Remember on Sunflower Street

Author: Rachel Griffiths
Category: Romance
Total pages: 30

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A Christmas to Remember on Sunflower Street

Freelance English tutor Erin Dawlish is heading to her parents’ new home on Sunflower Street for a big old-fashioned family Christmas. She’s looking forward to spending time with her family and to having a break from her busy life in Bath.
After recently losing his mum, Leo Steele was expecting to spend Christmas alone in London, but his childhood best friend, Paul Dawlish, insists that he joins him and his family.
When Erin and Leo meet after years apart, they get to know each other again as adults and find that they get on well. But they’ve both loved and lost and carry the scars to prove it.
Can they find a way to heal and move on together so they can make this a Christmas to remember on Sunflower Street?

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