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He’s angry with me. Fuck, that comment was for me. What have I done?

Arden kisses me softly once, putting me down. “Can we continue this later?”

I find myself nodding, not really hearing or feeling anything but dread as Arden leaves with Lysander. I should have tried to kill him rather than letting my heart win.



Arden kissed her.

He was kissing her, tasting her. Fuck. He would have fucked her if I didn’t interrupt them. Why the hell does it make me feel like drowning this entire island until there’s only me and her left? Until he is drowned, dead and not fucking coming back. If I didn’t hate him before, I definitely hate him now. Not that the fucker knows it. He’s not once even suspected that I hate him or that Ellelin was playing him like a violin to my command. The game must have become real for her, and it pisses me right off. Arden assumed we were friends because we were forced to grow up together. He assumed that I’d forgotten everything that had happened between our families. He assumes that I can just get over it. I won’t.

“What is it?” Arden angrily demands from my side. He is angry with me for interrupting his time with Elle, and I can’t erase the image of her legs wrapped around his waist, her hands in his hair. How fucking turned on she smelt. She was kissing him like she was in love with him before I interrupted. She chose to save this fucker over her own family, and she’s going to pay for that.

“My court was attacked by the West,” I state quietly, making sure no one else hears us. “It was a big attack. They killed two hundred of my people, and another hundred are missing, mostly women.”

Arden’s eyes widen. I might hate the fucker, but for now, while he is alive, he has the biggest army in Ayiolyn. “Fuck.”

“There’s more,” I continue. “At the same time, a village in your court was rumoured to be attacked. Someone from your court is here to speak to you. I think you took great losses.”

“We both have,” Arden murmurs quietly, his face pale.

He’s too weak to protect his people. I should have protected mine better. They wiped out an entire village this morning, and my people are missing. The dragons of the West are getting ballsy, and I don’t like it. The longer we stay here, the longer I can’t hunt them down. The village they took out was undefended, but I’ve corrected that problem. “Do you need help, Lysander? I know your people still remember what my father did—”

“No,” I cut him off. “We don’t need any help.”

I need this damn race over with so I can leave and protect my people. I need him dead for the next part of what I want to do. I will get revenge for the past, for everything I lost.

Arden storms off, leaving me alone in the corridor. I walk to the window, jumping out and shifting into my dragon. Shifting feels like freedom, and I need a moment with my wings stretched out. Flying is like swimming through the sea, the feeling unlike anything else.

My dragon’s thoughts are on one person only. Ellelin. Arden kissing her. I growl, ice spitting off my wings into the air. My foolish jealousy is more intense now, and my dragon wants to rip everything apart. I fly around the castle, landing on top of it, watching as Ellelin goes back through the castle. Her purple hair falls to her ass, her tight clothes revealing how curvy her body is. I want her. Fuck, denying it is pointless, but I hate her. I’m not hate fucking my new enemy. She knows too many of my secrets, and she let me down by not stabbing Arden in the back. That would have made this night better. I watch her through the windows until she gets to her hallway. I fly around to the edge of the castle, sensing her going into the bathroom and the distinct scent of water running.

I shift back on the roof, letting the castle make a door for me. It leads me straight into the bathroom, where she’s lying in the bath. I freeze the water completely around her, and she gasps, turning to face me, fear flashing in her blue eyes. I hate that her eyes are the perfect shade of ocean blue. Her skin reminds me of the warm sand outside my castle. She smells fucking fantastic, too. “Don’t scream or I’ll drown you.”

Her eyes are panicked as she stares at me. I sit on the edge of the tub, keeping my eyes on her face. I’m not that much of an asshole. “Should I leave you frozen in here until you die? You’re useless to me if you’re not going to kill Arden.” I sigh. “It seems I’m due to pop back to Earth and deal with your dear, sweet grandmother.”

I hate being a dickhead, but I’ll be one to get revenge. Arden has to die, painfully and heartbroken. If I attack him outright, then I won’t get what I want. It needs to be her. Needs to be someone else to be blamed while I take over his court. The fear doubles in her eyes, and they fill with tears. She doesn’t let them fall. She only holds her head as high as she can and narrows her eyes at me. “I’m not doing it, and you’re not going to kill my grandmother because I’m going to tell Arden about this. What do you think your friends will do when they know you tried to blackmail me to kill Arden?”

I reach forward and wrap my hand around her throat. I hate the way she looks at me. She isn’t scared, but there is just pure fucking fire in her eyes that I feel right down to my cock. I usually love women like her. Ones that are not scared of me or anything. Ones that like having my hand wrapped around their throat as I fuck them. Those are the kind of women I like, and she’s definitely one of those. It doesn’t help that she’s goddamn fucking gorgeous. I keep my face blank. I don’t show her how turned on I am. What I would do to her if she weren’t my enemy. “You are going to kill him, Elle. Don’t fuck with me. You won’t like the consequences, and I don’t give a shit about what my so-called friends think.”

She looks right into my goddamned soul. “Liar.”

I tighten my grip. “I’ll give you more time. Perhaps you can become his queen and then stab him in the back. You’re not going to say a word to anyone because that will guarantee your grandmother’s death. If you think I’m dangerous now, you should see me when I have nothing left to lose.”

The ice cracks as she struggles to get free, but she’s weak, mortal. Even if she drives me fucking insane, she’s still those things. “Fine.” She snaps. “Just fine.”

“Good.” I remove my hand and stand, using my power to melt the ice around her body. My cock is rock hard, and I adjust myself as I face away from her.

“Get the fuck out of my bathroom, Lysander.”

“With pleasure,” I growl. I leave out the door to her room, making her chatty friend gasp. I fucking hate my enemy.

“There you are. Were you looking for me?” Hope’s voice makes me pause, and I see her coming towards me down the corridor. She brushes her body against mine when she is close enough, leaning up and kissing my jaw.

I push her back. “I’m not in the mood.”

Another door appears for me, and I open it, heading back to my room. Hope follows and I rub my face as she begins shouting. “What the hell was with that? You come looking for me, and then you decide you don’t want me?”

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