Court of Dragons and Crowns (The Dragon Crown)

Author: G. Bailey
Category: Romance | Paranormal
Total pages: 44

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Court of Dragons and Crowns (The Dragon Crown)

The dragon kings need a queen, and they have chosen me to compete in their race.


Four gorgeous dragon shifter kings break into my home and kill my ex-boyfriend before taking me to their world to compete to be their queen. Once every thousand years, the dragon kings come together to find human brides from Earth, and if they don’t have their brides in one hundred days, their courts will lose their magic. I didn’t know the world of magic and dragons existed, not until I’m thrown headfirst into it and expected to compete in a deadly competition to be one of their four brides.

Arden, Emrys, Grayson and Lysander are cruel, entitled, and I don’t want anything to do with them.

In this world of glittering dresses, sharp teeth, and claws, I need to become stronger than the dragons themselves.

They want a bride—but I’ll be nothing but a nightmare when I win.