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“You fool. The Creator doesn’t suddenly forgive you because of some fantasy where you tried to stop child porn. You’ve proven how vile and depraved you are and how little you’ve changed since you sent me to my grave. God created you, knowing you would be damned. He hates you. Turn back, and go hide under a rock.”

“You’re not Anthony, and I won’t believe your lies, demon.” As Ed crawled away, tension left his body. Soon, the large open space narrowed into a hall of windows. The crystal-blue eyed woman stood at the hallway entrance and helped Ed to his feet.

“Thank you for freeing me,” he said.

Entering the hallway, they discovered hundreds of red, triangle-shaped portals, lining the walls. Each portal appeared to lead to a different time and place in human history.

Glancing through one window, Ed watched lepers, dying on the streets of Calcutta. Across the next one, Mayan priests sacrificed a young girl to the feathered serpent god who appeared as shadows, stretching down a pyramid on the Yucatan peninsula. In the window to his left, Ed saw a Nazi soldier, gasping in the Moscow snow. He turned as three Russian peasants encircled the soldier and hacked him to pieces with their sickles.

“Curse God,” said Senator Walker’s voice. “Demand His trial for the sum of human suffering.”

“God didn’t do this, and I can’t blame Him for giving us freedom. You devils only want to steal my freedom.”

Senator Walker’s voice continued: “Rise up with us. You have nothing to lose. You’re already damned.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Let’s keep walking,” said the crystal-blue eyed woman.

Ed turned away from the windows to gaze in wonder at the white light in the distance.

Eventually, they neared the edge of the glowing cliff and looked below toward a soothing glow and the sound of angelic choirs.

The crystal-blue eyed woman shouted above the singing: “You go alone from here.”

Ed reached out, but her hand pulled away. He feared the demons were right about his wicked soul and wretched fate.

“He’s loved you since before creation. Express thanks and ask for mercy.” she said. “

Her assuring words melted all negative thoughts from his mind. “Thank you for helping me.” He took a final breath and stepped off the precipice into the warm brilliant light.


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