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“Who is it?” asked Tobias.

“Admiral Jonathon Garvin.” Tobias stared at the man who was part of the joint chiefs. He’d heard the name but never met the man in person. He was supposed to be next in line for the presidency. He nodded to one of his men, and they began to move toward the door.

“Gotta run,” said Nate.

“Hey, you don’t have a car,” whispered Tobias. Nate smirked at him, shaking his head.

“Brother, you forget we come from the same family. There are dozens of cars out there waiting to be hotwired. Check you later. Kiss everyone back home for me and tell them Merry Christmas.”

Before Tobias could reply, Nate was gone. He’d saved the girl and now was after Admiral Garvin. Something was definitely wrong. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help Nate right now. And if Nate were here, that meant Mike was nearby as well.

“Was that Nate?” frowned Rory.


“What was he doing here?” Tobias shrugged, staring at his friend.

“Saving a girl and chasing a bad guy. What else.”


Every VG person in the room watched as Quinn made his way to each of his guests. He’d laugh with some, sneer at others, practically bring them to tears. He enjoyed making people feel small. Smaller than him.

Tobias wanted to snap him in two, but with all the eyes, he had to wait. Jean had assured him that this would play out well for all of them. Jean tapped his earpiece, then gave a nod to everyone to come closer to him.

Gathered at one end of the room, he watched the door, the others mimicking his gaze. When a blast of cold air hit the room, all eyes turned to see several men covered in snowflakes standing in the foyer.

“Mr. Laughlin! I-I wasn’t expecting you tonight,” said Quinn nervously.

“No, I don’t suppose ‘ye were,” smirked Laughlin.

Sean Laughlin was the grandson of Conor Laughlin, the longtime friend and confidante for Kat and Whiskey. His help over the years had been immeasurable. They all held in their grins, knowing exactly what Jean had done.

“I’m sorry, did my team know you were coming?” he asked.

“No. The boys in Shannon asked me to come.”

“I don’t understand. I thought you only handled business in Ireland and Great Britain,” said Quinn nervously.

“Oh, yea. ‘Tis true, but I wanted to branch out. I took a look at what you were doing here and decided it wasn’t the best way to represent our people. I bought the business for the U.S. from the team back home.”

“Y-you what?”

“Surprise!” he smirked. “I’ll be takin’ over the business here. And the first step in that is firing everyone who works for you. Also, anyone here who was told to be here with their daughters or wives to entertain clients, leave. Leave now, and don’t come back here. Don’t speak with this man, don’t give him any money, don’t do as he says. If he bothers you, I encourage you to contact the federal authorities or me.” The evil grin on Laughlin’s face told Quinn that he wasn’t going to get out of this one.

The look on Quinn’s face was priceless. The grayish color of his skin, the nervous shifting from foot to foot, all indications that Eddie was about to lose his shit.

“You can’t just take over my business! It’s mine!”

“It was yours,” said Sean. “Now, it’s mine. Well, mine and the federal government’s. You see, earlier today, you tried to transfer money that you didn’t have. Millions, in fact. You sent the team back home a very hot check. I believe you sent checks to these men as well.”

He turned as his men escorted Nguyen and Branzino through the door.

“You owe more than you did beforehand.”

“No,” he said in a panic. He looked around the room, finding Jean’s face. “No. He did this! He told me I had money.”

“I didn’t tell you anything,” said Jean. “I was working on the books. I wasn’t done with them. You assumed I was. Not smart.”

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