Author: Mary Kennedy
Category: Romance
Total pages: 55

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Tobias Franklin Redhawk may be a twin to JB, but he's a completely different man. He enjoys playing the field, giving the ladies what they really want with no ties, no promises, and no returns. He never expected to meet Gail. A friend of his brother's fiancée, she's different, yet the same as him. When she calls him out of the blue, beaten and dying in an alley, he does what any VG man would do. He saves her. But discovering the evil that led her to this place may be the last straw for Tobias. Either way, Gail was going home with him.

Gail Mackenzie didn't want permanent. She didn't want the same man every night. Or did she? She never thought that life was for her, until she kissed Tobias Redhawk. Never in her life did her body respond in such a way to a man's kiss. Now she was really screwed. Getting away to Miami with the family seemed like a good idea, but when she was forced to go on a blind date, her world changed forever. Dying in an alley, the only person she could call was the last number in her phone. Tobias.

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