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They were taking care of a woman, obviously in the throes of pleasure. She lay atop a stack of hay bales covered with a plaid blanket, her neck arched over the side perfectly aligning her mouth with the big dick riding her face.

Between her legs, the other cowboy kept his hat perched at an angle so he could eat her pussy without removing it.

The sight of the woman’s lips stretched tight around the gigantic cock, and a different man eating her out made my toes curl.

I hungrily eyed the two men as their hips bucked against her face and pelvis with unfettered lust.

Riley increased his pace and squeezed my nipples, and by his ragged breathing, I could tell he was close. As the pleasure built, my insides squeezed around his shaft. He gripped my hips and drove into me harder and deeper than ever before, claiming every inch of me as his own.

Compliant beneath him, I mewled. “Is that turning you on? Do you enjoy watching her sucking one man, while another one eats her pussy? Does it make you want to slam into my tight little hole even harder?”

He spoke no words, but pulled out almost all the way, then plunged deep, rattling my teeth.

I knew I was getting to him. “Are you going to pound my tiny pussy with your big cock, Daddy? Fill it up with your yummy cum until it drips down my thighs?”

My body quivered with pleasure as he moved faster, the thick head of his dick lodging inside me with each thrust. He let go of my waist to grip my clit tightly between his fingers as he pounded into me. His grunts echoed in the private chamber as he found release, spilling his cum until I felt it warmly flooding out around us both.

He held onto me until we both stopped trembling from our shared orgasm. We stood there panting heavily for several moments until he finally spoke again.

“That was amazing, princess,” he crooned softly to me in a low voice filled with admiration, trailing a single finger down the center of my back. “God, you look so beautiful when you’re taking my cock.”

My lips curved with satisfaction as he thrust—so fiercely yet so lovingly fucking me.

We cuddled there until we recovered enough for him to close the curtains, pick me up, and carry me to our private spa, where he loaded the tub with bubbles. With him, I felt truly wanted,desired. Not just good enough, but better than I ever thought I could be.

They say we’re born alone, and that we die alone. I know what that’s like. I’d been lonely before. But with Riley, I didn’t feel that way. At all. I realized one thing suddenly while carrying this new life. In fact, we are not born alone. We’re born as part of another living being. And mothers continue to carry their babies in their hearts, even after they give birth.

Riley was my refuge, my safe place in a world that hadn’t always been kind.

My husband was my hero.

We wished it could last forever… but when our weekend was up at The Ranch, we headed back to our regular lives.

And that’s when, two trimesters later, and two weeks early, everything fell apart.



Imumbled to myself, months later, dashing, okay waddling, between the stalls of the barn at Duke and Clover’s ranch, straw clinging to my jeans and the very subtle, yet overwhelming to my over-sensitized nose, smell of goat pee making me want to hurl. “Third trimester, and I’m like, everything hurts and I’m dying”.

Moving as quickly as possible, I duck-walked between animal enclosures, bits of hay flying in my wake as I emptied a bucket full of oats into the last feed trough, then swiped at the dust tickling my nostrils.

I knew I had to hustle if I wanted to finish my tasks on time so that I could get home and prepare for our babymoon. Riley booked a romantic weekend getaway to Sausalito, where we’d stay in a room with windows looking out onto the Golden Gate Bridge. With its spa and restaurant, it made for a perfect pre-baby outing. Something to cherish forever.

Lost in thought about our excursion, my foot landed on a clump of damp straw, and I didn’t catch myself soon enough. In an instant, I was tumbling clumsily to the ground, brought to reality by a sickening thud as I hit the floor with a jolt. I rolled onto my side with a sharp gasp and grabbed the bottom rung of the ladder leading to the hayloft to hoist myself up.

Stabbing agony spread across my lower back.

I blinked through the shock of pain, then let out a slow, jittery breath. Sensation struck my abdomen. I froze, feeling an ache expand from one side to the other. Then it hit me.

An unmistakable contraction.

“Oh no, oh no,” I fretted aloud. My phone was still in my purse, on the front seat of my car. I’d never make it that far.

It looked as though I was having my baby girl in a manger.

The door creaked open, saturating the dimly lit building with a brilliant stream of light. A tall figure stood silhouetted against the backdrop of the outside world. “Faith!”

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