Daddy on Fire

Author: Olivia Fox
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 56

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Daddy on Fire

My messy secret?
I tell myself I "bow to no one" but got on my knees for an insanely attractive silver fox who happens to be the fire chief in our small town.

What can I say?
I live life on the edge, even if it means having a wild fling with Riley Palmer on such an important occasion as my sister's wedding day.
The second he finds out I've been keeping my pregnancy a secret, he hunts me down like my own personal bodyguard, refusing to miss a single step I take.
The insanely attractive silver fox creates a pull of deep desire inside me.
Our whirlwind passion was supposed to be a one-night stand.
Unfortunately, there is nowhere for me to run in this small town, and every time he comes after me, my hormone-filled body wants to slide down his pole.
I have to rein in my inner trollop when I see his bod, which constantly reminds me — it’s his job to be hot.
He takes notes on my every craving; bringing me baskets of food in his ridiculously brawny arms.
The dude actually tells me, "You puke pretty, princess," when I'm overcome with morning sickness and he's holding back my hair.
Riley is relentless, almost as if he believes his devotion might keep me from running away.
There are a million reasons for me to take my baby and leave this backwater place.
But every time I think about making my exit, he gives me a reason to stay.