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Slicer – age 25 years old

I grin as Clitter, a sweet butt deep throats my cock, the head hitting the back of her throat.

Fuck, that feels good.

She gags a little but swallows around my girth, and I thrust forward while gripping the back of her bright blonde hair as her brown eyes shine with lust. I keep her head still before thrusting into her mouth over and over. She moans around my cock, and I notice she's got two fingers deep in her wet, juicy cunt. My thrusts deepen in her throat as her other hand fondles my balls.

I started to feel my spine tingle.

"Make yourself cum Clitter. Yeah, that's it, my little slut, fuck."

She groans, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her juices run down her hand, and I cum deep in her throat.

I keep her head still and my cock right at the back to ensure she swallows it all while moaning before I pull out of her warm mouth, and I grin as I put my limp dick away. She makes eye contact with me.

"Going to fuck me now, baby?"

I grin and shake my head.

These sweet butts are fucking hornier than us brothers, although Clitter is more than the others. She lost her parents in high school and went from the school nerd to the school mean girland slut. She joined us three years ago and decided to join a few others in the sweet butt line instead of just being a cook and a cleaner, which is what we actually pay them for. She's been my main girl, although if you want her cunt, you'd need something in her ass because she's loose as fuck.

"Sorry, sweets, I've got to go."

She pouts, "You're always going on the run."

I just shrug, "It's my job as treasurer to go, you know this."

I lean down where she's still kneeling and give her a kiss to soften the blow of my leaving, making her grin before leaving her room at the clubhouse. I never take sweet butts back to my room here; I always go to theirs, or I fuck them against walls or anywhere really, so long as it's not my room, my sanctuary. I do have a plot of land next to Gunner's, but I've yet to build. I don't want to give my parents false hope that I'll settle down. I love playing the field and the easy pussy. I'm too young to settle just yet, although the older generation has ingrained in us that when we do meet the one, we'll know and we won't want to let them go.

I'm not ready for that shit yet, though none of us really are.

I walk out of the two-story clubhouse, meeting Axel, one of my best friends, and our newly appointed Pres outside. He shakes his head at me before climbing on the bike, while I just grin as I climb on mine, the yellow tank glaring off the Texan sun. Carl, one of our prospects who we've grown up with, climbs into the driver's side of the van, while Hayden, one of our other prospects who should be patched in alongside Carl in a few weeks, gets into the passenger side. The van holds our guns that we're running to Wincher in Louisiana, handing them over to the Rebels' MC, who then proceeds to give them to one of the Mafia groups. Their group used to be in Winchester but ended up moving a few towns over due to conflicts with another MC who also had the cartel with them.

We wait while Flame says bye to Star, our club princess, who he happens to be in love with but refuses to do anything about despite her feeling the same way towards him because she's only 16 and he's 8 years older than her at 24. Everyone in the club knows their feelings for one another, and his parents, Tank, a club brother, and Ella have said they're fine with it as long as it's only hand-holding until she's 18, but he won't go there; he treats her like a little sister instead, hoping to put her off.

A fucking idiot is what he is.

I raise a brow at Axel, and he just snorts, shaking his head.

We all know what a fucking idiot he's being. He'll fuck Ginger, another sweet butt, and anything that moves, including Star's fucking sister, who's 20 all, so he doesn't succumb to his feelings for her.

It's a disaster waiting to happen, I tell yah, because when she becomes of age, she'll find someone else, and it'll kill him.

Once Flame's given Star a kiss on the forehead and he climbs on his bike, we all wave to her, making her grin back at us before we pull out of the clubhouse, heading for the four-hour journey to Wincher. Usually it's an eight-hour round trip, but unfortunately, there's a storm heading our way, so we'll be staying at the Cozy Inn tonight and then heading back tomorrow morning while the prospects bring the van back through the storm.

Axel takes the front of the van while I take up the rear with Flame. Ink, our enforcer, takes the driver's side up to the Hudson Bridge before he turns around and heads back home while the rest of us carry on with our trek.

It takes an extra half an hour to get to the meeting point in Wincher, which is an old, abandoned warehouse just twentyminutes from our inn, because the rain started earlier than predicted, but Anchor, the Rebel's road captain, is already waiting for us with his treasurer, Shotgun. We shake hands before Axel speaks to the Rebel's VP Stone, and I go over the payment with Shotgun.

He hands me a wad of cash, and I quickly count it before shoving it in my cut pocket and shaking his hand.

"All good, brother."

He nods before heading back to his bike while I head to mine, waiting on my Pres. The prospects have swapped vans, and they'll head home tonight while we stay, riding out the storm until morning. Once Axel shook the VP's hand, he took formation, and we followed him as he led us to the inn while the prospects carried on straight, heading home.

As we get to the inn, we pull up near the front doors. Flame runs to the front desk to check us in before handing us our keys, then we head to the diner across the street for some grub. The smell instantly hits us as we enter the old establishment. The orange leather seats are torn, but the food is good. The waitress, Cindy, who we've all fucked before, rushes over to us, pulling her dress down, making us chuckle. She gives me a sultry grin, and I have to keep myself from rolling my eyes. Apparently, she's taken a shine to me, but whatever.

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