Author: Charlotte McGinlay
Category: Romance | MC | Biker
Total pages: 71

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I loved playing the field, never wanted to settle down,
Until I met her.
It was supposed to be a onetime thing,
I just didn’t expect the connection we shared and I wanted more.
I wanted her.
But she was gone the next morning.
So, I turned back to my player ways all while trying to search for her,
Needing her like I needed air to breathe,
Keeping a hold of the only memory I had left of her,
Her gold bracelet.
Until she moved to my town, with something of mine in tow,
She doesn’t want me anymore though,
She’s seen my player side and she doesn’t like it,
But what she doesn’t realise,
Is that she’s mine, always has been and I’m playing for keeps this time.

He showed up in my life when I least expected it,
My parents were pressuring me to settle down,
Marry the man they wanted me too,
Then he walked in on my shift,
I wanted to finally rebel, finally have something for me,
All while trying to put myself through med school and leave this dead-end town behind.
I just didn’t expect the spark that shone between us,
But he doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t do commitment,
So I left him the next morning, not expecting to see him again when he leaves town.
Only he left something of his behind.
I searched for him for years, until finally, there he is,
Wrapped around another woman.
I decide to put my feelings behind me and concentrate on my residency,
But he has other ideas, he wants me.
And whether I’m ready or not,
He’s taking me.

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