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He gives me a chin tilt before slapping my back, then Dagger's, before going to his bike.

Dagger pats my shoulder. "Maybe she's at the diner, brother."

I nod, starting my Harley, and I rev her while waiting for Dagger to take front formation, then we head to George's diner. I've been looking for her for three years. I haven't lived like a monk; believe me, I haven't. I've done everything I can to get her out of my head while also trying to find her with Flame's help, which I know sounds idiotic, but every time I close my eyes and see her, I feel the need to be with her, so if fucking someone for an hour gives me a little bit of peace, then so be it.

There was a Meghan Campbell that we had found a few months after I met her, but her parents told us she died when she was 18, so we hit a dead end. If it weren't for the gold bracelet I still wear with her name on it, then I would have thought she'd given me a fake name.

When we get outside the old diner, we park up and head inside. My breath automatically hitches when I see a woman with the same shade of black as Meghan's. My hope starts to go up until she turns and Cindy's dark brown eyes turn my way.

I sigh in defeat as she saunters over to me, her hand going to my chest.

"Hey Slicer, baby, your back."

I give her a slight smile. Well, what I hope is a smile anyway, "Yeah. You colored your hair?"

She grins and nods her head, running her fingers through the now-long hair, which must be extensions because it was short a few months ago when I dodged her. "Do you like it?"

I clear my throat and nod before nodding towards the table. "Four beers, burgers, and fries when you're ready."

She grins. "Coming right up, baby."

I give her a nod before heading to Dagger, Flame, and Gunner, who decided to come this time around and take a seat; the two prospects are already on their way home.

Dagger furrows his brows. "Did she seriously dye her hair the same color as the woman you're looking for?"

I snort and nod my head when she makes her way back to us, Meghan coming to mind, her standing in front of us, her hands linked in front of her, twisting her fingers nervously, and I squeeze my eyes shut.

Fuck, one night with her, and I fucking miss her more and more every day.

I open my eyes when she places my plate down, and I give her a nod before tucking in as she saunters off again.

I dust my hands together before taking a sip of my beer.

“She seems to have it in her head brother that you’ll want her if she looks like your girl."

I nod my head to Gunner’s words, “It does seem that way. Fucking three years and we still can’t find her, it’s like she fucking vanished. Stone’s words today are the only confirmation that I meant something to her but that was years ago when she called.”

I rub my thumb over the gold bracelet and sigh when Cindy looks my way, biting her lip.

Flame clears his throat. "Don't go there, brother; you'll regret it."

I just snorted, "Maybe, but the more Meghan comes into my head, the more I struggle to breathe. You know this all too well, brother."

He sighs and nods his head. Last year, Star came onto him, and he shot her down, which he struggled with. He told her she deserves more than his ass than this life before he went and fucked her sister for the second time, completely breaking her heart. He loves her; you can see it every time someone mentions her or if they're in the same room together, but he doesn't want her in this life, even though she always will be because she's family. I just hope that when he realizes his mistakes, it won't be too late to take them back because our club princess has already distanced herself from him.

I look back at Cindy to see she's still looking my way, and I nod my head to the hallway, making her grin wide, and rush over there.

Maybe if I fuck her from behind, I can think she's Meghan.

I pat Dagger on the back, and all three brothers look at me with concern, but I just ignore them.

Hearing that she tried to find me and was so fucking close as well has burnt me from the inside out. I need a distraction, and this is the only way I know how to do it.

I rub my finger over my neck where her name is tattooed before meeting Cindy in the hallway. She rushes up to me, grabbing my cheeks, about to kiss me, but I just spin her around. I haven't kissed anyone since Meghan, and I'm not about to start now.

She gasps, shoving her ass out to me, and I nod. Yep, I'll be taking that hole; her other one isn't exactly tight.

I shove her red dress over her ass and rip her thong, making her gasp out a moan while I undo my jeans, pulling my cock out, which started to harden when Meghan entered my mind like it always does to thoughts of her. I quickly sheath myself before running my fingers around to Cindy's entrance, where she's fucking soaked, and gather her wetness before trailing it over her back hole. She gasps as I push two of my fingers into her ass, and I roll my eyes at how loose that one is as well before I put the head of my cock on it after removing my fingers. She pushes back onto me while I thrust forward hard.

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