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The man with a man bun looks up in shock, a fry halfway in his mouth, his phone forgotten, and I try not to look at any of them in the eye. The guy with the 'Pres' on his vest clears his throat.

"No, darling, we're good for now, thanks."

And I nod in relief before turning to leave, but not before I accidentally make eye contact with the guy with a man bun, and I instantly suck in a breath as his deep hazel eyes suck me in and a spark ignites between us.

Crap, I can't be involved with a biker, not with the way my parents are—double crap.

I quickly go to the counter, ready to seat the next set of customers, and spend the rest of my shift ignoring that particular table while Cindy spends most of her time there flirting. I take most of her tables, so I don't have to do theirs.

I don't relax fully until they're gone.

We've just finished cleaning up after closing when Cindy kisses my cheek and says, "I'll see you tomorrow."

I nod and wave bye before grabbing my bag, intending to drive somewhere remote and sleep in my car for the night when there's a knock on the door. It's dark out, the rain has gotten heavier from this afternoon, and I turn towards the door, just able to see the guy with the man bun from earlier, and I instantly become tense. He gives me a small smile and goes for the handle, and I swallow hard, realizing I haven't locked it when it opens. He puts his hands up, showing me he comes in peace, his hair wet, and, oh god, does he look good.

I instantly melt when he rasps in a deep voice that washes over me.

"I didn't mean to frighten you; I left my phone here."

I furrow my brows before looking around the diner towards the table he sat at to see something sitting on the edge of the cushions that Cindy must have overlooked, and I go to grab it while he stays near the door, which I'm grateful for. I walk over to him, trying to calm my beating heart, before holding the phone between us. He takes it, his fingers brushing against mine, and I look down with a furrowed brow at the spark that sets between us before I clear my throat. I look into his eyes, eyes that feel like they're staring into my soul, and I swallow hard about to take a step back when his hand, without his phone in, grabs a hold of mine, and I gasp as he takes a step towards me, towering over me with his height, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Have a drink with me." I swallow hard and go to shake my head when he squeezes my hand. "Just one drink, wildcat, that's all I'm asking for."

I clear my throat. "I, uh, I don't even know your name."

He smiles, showing his dimples, and I melt. "It's Noah Wildcat."

I swallow again. "My name is Meghan, not, uh, Wildcat."

He smiles wider. "Ah, but Meghan, you remind me of a wildcat. You're scared and wary like a kitten, but I bet when push comes to shove, you turn into a fighter, a wildcat."

I sucked in a breath.

I've always done things for everyone else.

Going to college was for me, but I know I have to fight to go to med school to finally become a doctor.

Maybe just once I can be someone this man thinks he sees, be brave for once, and have a little fun. I swallow hard again and nod, making him smile before he links our fingers together, leading me out of the diner into the rain, where I instantly get soaked. I quickly lock up, and he leads me over to the cozy inn, where, thankfully, Ms. Shell is not around. I don't need her telling my father about this because he'd most likely kill me. I'm fully aware she's one of his old mistresses, and she's trying her hardest to get him to sleep with her again. I shiver in disgust as the guy, Noah, walks me up the stairs to his room. He unlocks the door, and an overly flowered wallpaper greets me, and I clear my throat.


It's all I can say as I blink my eyes several times.

These rooms were recently decorated, and yep, every time I blink, it just gets worse.

Noah chuckles before turning to me and I look up into his hazel eyes when his lips start to descend on mine and I know, that I’m not only about to get my first kiss but I’m also about to finally lose my virginity because the moment his lips touch mine I instantly feel like I’m on fire, like everything in the world is suddenly right, like I belong to him and him me.

But I didn’t expect my friend to inform me in the hallway that he prefers one-night stands just like his friend whom she’s just beenwith the night before, that he doesn’t do relationships, and that I’m just another notch in his bedpost like she was last month.

My heart instantly falls and I try to forget about the guy who made me fall for him with one look, only he left something behind as a permanent reminder of the way he made my heart feel, the heart he took away with him.

Chapter 1

Slicer – two months later

I sigh, running a hand around the back of my neck. We're currently at Untamed Fire, the club's bar, interviewing waitresses. The dude we're currently interviewing is too busy eye-fucking Cara, a waitress who's been here for a few years, and Gunner's main squeeze instead of concentrating. He hasn't got a chance with Cara anyway; she's got a major hard-on for Gunner, hoping to get his patch, which is never going to fucking happen.

I sigh when Meghan comes to mind.

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