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They both grin at my attire while Noah tilts his head.

"Is that the shirt I wore five years ago? I was looking for that for months."

Both women's grins widen some more while my eyes widen. Shit now is not the time to look like a creep.

I shrug innocently and say, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

He narrows his eyes at me, and I bat my eyelashes at him, causing his sister and mother to chuckle before he grabs our daughter as his mother steps forward, giving me a hug. "I know you had a night shift last night, but Mel said you'll only sleep an hour this morning; otherwise, you won't sleep tonight, so Mazie and I came up with an idea."

I give her a smile and a brow raise, and she grins, looking back at her daughter while Noah does helicopters, with Lilah throwing her up in the air, adding a little spin, and making her giggle. "We're going to take Lilah off of your hands; Noah's already called the nursery, so they know she won't be in, and we do need to talk about her coming to me whenever you're working instead, but we'll get to that. Now Noah is going to spend the morning with you, then bring you back to the clubhouse for dinner so the brothers can continue their groveling. And by continue, I mean you'll take several photos of them dressed up like princesses."

My eyes widen before a laugh bursts out of my chest, and she grins while Mazie bites her lip to try and stop her laughter.

I look toward Noah, and he grins at me.

"I'm going to go and get little Miss dressed, and I Wildcat, am taking your bike virginity."

My face heats up, and he chuckles as he walks past us, kissing my lips gently on the way to get our daughter ready, and I watch in awe. We literally came into his life with a bang, and he's taken it in stride like the amazing man I knew he was.

Someone clears their throat, and I turn around to see Noah's mom, Rose - I really need to ask Noah what his dad's name is - and his sister smiles at me before Mazie takes a step forward. "I know Noah hasn't spoken about me much, but, I uh, well,quite frankly, I'm a bitch." My brows shoot high into my hairline while her mother looks wide-eyed, and she shrugs, “What I am. I want the cushy lifestyle; that's why I kept going after Hawk, but he's head over heels for Daisy, so he wouldn't look my way. I've dabbled in drugs, and I like to party. I like the easy life, and despite Dad taking me in and treating me like his own, I've treated him like shit instead of the amazing father he is; heck, my own father has disowned me."

I tilt my head, wondering where she's going with this, because I'm not 100% certain I want her around my daughter.

She sees my expression, and she puts both her hands up.

"I'm working at the bar. I'm changing my ways because of your little girl. I don't want her to turn out like me, and I certainly don't want my little brother to keep my niece away from me. I'm changing, and I just wanted you to know."

I give her a smile and nod. I can understand wanting to better yourself; "then I'll hold judgment for this new you."

Her eyes tear up before she nods, then walks over to me, hugging me tightly before she whispers, "Thank you."

I nod as Noah walks back out, scowling with our daughter hanging upside down by her white sandaled foot, her pink Aurora dress covering her giggling face, and her pink Barbie panties on show. I tilt my head at him, and he shakes his head. The glitter in his trimmed beard shone, and I had to bite my lip before he pointed at me, righting our daughter, "Not a single word."

I move my thumb and finger across my mouth and twist them together like I'm locking a key, and he narrows his eyes while his sister asks while laughing, "How on e-earth d-did she man-mange that?"

I'd like to know that as well. Noah drops his head, placing his hands on his hips.

"She asked if she could brush my hair and then comb my beard.” I furrow my brow before I look at his man bun. The pink shines brightly and my laughter comes out, and I double over with his sister as his mother takes pictures. He shakes his head, a smile making its way across his face, while Lilah bats her lashes at him. He mocks and glares at her until she sticks out her bottom lip.

Hook, line, and sinker

He picks her up, pepping kisses all over her face, making her giggle, and I grin wide, tears blurring my eyes. I hear Mazie sniffle before Rose clears her throat. "Alright ladybug, give your momma and daddy a kiss; we're having a girlie day; just you, me, and Aunty Mazie, then we have a surprise for you."

Lilah squeals in delight before doing as she's told, then rushes out the door with her new best friends.

Man, is Mel going to be pissed?

As soon as the door is shut, Noah raises a brow at me. "So about the shirt?"

I can't help the grin that takes over my face before he's on me, lifting me up and causing me to wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck before kissing his lips. He deepens the kiss, heading towards the bedroom I share with Lilah. As soon as we're in the room, he slams my back up against the wall while his tongue tangles with mine before he rasps against my lips, "I think a little pleasure before I take another one of your firsts."

I grin against his mouth as he removes his hard member from his jeans, then move my panties to the side, placing the head at my entrance. He kisses me passionately as he thrusts forward, his fingers already strumming my clit making my body wineup tightly before my clit throbs and an orgasm hits me out of nowhere and embarrassingly quick.

He groans, his hips moving fast while his fingers gather my juices.

He moves his hand behind me, his fingers going to my forbidden hole, and I tense. He gently rubs along it, his hips slowing as he rasps against my mouth. "Maybe I should take two more of your firsts, baby."

He gently pushes one finger into my hole, my body tightening around it as he breaches the tight rim. My body tingles with pleasure as he tilts his hips while slowly moving his finger into my back hole. It's an odd sensation, but a good one. My body hums with pleasure before he adds another finger, his hips going a little faster and hitting the right spot inside me before I feel both fingers and his member being removed. I make a sound of protest, causing him to chuckle before he thrusts two fingers into my entrance, curving them and hitting my g-spot while his thumb gently circles my clit.

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