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I look at Dagger, who shakes his head while I breathe deeply.

"So basically, you're jealous of their friendship and decided to take a stage that Sugar has always started on first because she's been here the longest. You acted like a catty bitch who's still in high school out of jealousy; is that what you're telling me?"

She swallows hard, her green eyes misting up.

I look towards Sugar, who is scowling at her, and I shake my head. "You have half an hour to get your shit in order or you are out; this is a fucking business, not cheerleading camp!" Their eyes widen, and I shake my head, turning to the bar, with Dagger, who is trying to hold in his laughter. I nudge him, making his laughter escape, "You couldn't have handled that shit yourself?"

He shakes his head. "Nah, I broke up a fight yesterday after Misty took one of Clitters regulars on purpose, the day before Sugar took Misty's makeup chair despite hers being the best out of all of them after Misty sprayed glitter all over Clitters. I needed a fucking break."

I chuckle and shake my head.

"This is why I prefer the bar. My only fucking problem is Silver wanting to enjoy a show with me and my woman."

Dagger bursts out in laughter, and I shake my head again, taking the bottle of beer from a grinning Ruby who enjoyed the show.Every time Silver sees my girl, she asks if she can watch, making her go bright red, and she shakes her head every time.

It's fucking hilarious.

like I'd ever let anyone see what's mine. Her body is a work of art that only I get to enjoy.

I take a sip of my beer. "Any word from Flame?"

Dagger takes a sip of his drink before sighing. "Starfish is one stubborn woman, I tell yah. She's refusing to budge; she said if Hairy goes near her, then she'll kill him."

I snort and shake my head. "Starfish couldn't even hurt a fly. I remember her crying when Hawk actually did it by accident."

Dagger chuckles and nods. "Yeah, but I have a feeling this is one kill she wouldn't mind."

I hum because it's true and take another sip of my beer when someone slides up next to me. Dagger sighs and shakes his head, looking forward, while I turn mine to see Clitter wringing her fingers together. I raise a brow at her, and she clears her throat. "I, uh, I just wanted to apologize, you know, for what I did."

I tilt my head at her. "For lying to a woman on the phone who was trying to find her child's father, for attacking my woman, or for trying to attack her while my daughter clung to her mother screaming in fear after you publicly lied about my claiming you?"

She clears her throat, her eyes misting up, but I'm not falling for it; she caused this, not me. If I were the only one fucking her, then yeah, fair enough, the attitude and jealousy would have been warranted, but I wasn't; she was fucking half the clubhouse plus clients from here.

"All the above," she whispers, "when she called, she never mentioned a child, and I thought she was just some random girl you fucked; I thought I was doing you a favor."

I nod because that is understandable: "But she gave you my given name, Clitter. You know, I would have only given someone that name if I saw them as mine."

She nods. "I know, but I didn't really think about it. I saw Green basically thinking yet another brother is going to be taken from us sweet butts. I was selfish, and I am so sorry for that because it means you missed out on another year seeing your daughter grow, and I'll have to live with that in my consciousness. It's why I flew off the handle with her at the clubhouse."

I nod in understanding, "You didn't like the guilt you felt." I see Dagger nod as she wipes away a tear.

"I lost my parents. When I saw that little girl on your bike, I felt like I was dying inside, not because she was yours or because you finally found your love, but-but because I had kept her from you for another year. I did that. So I took my anger out on Meghan, treated her like shit, and lied about you being mine so then she could take her anger back out on me like I deserved. When I went to hit her the second time, I didn't see Lilah until it was too late."

Dagger clears his throat. "You were trying to get her to hit you back, to help punish you for your actions?"

She nods. "I know it's fucked up, but let's face it, I've been fucked up since losing my parents. This club, you men, are my family, and now I've lost you all."

I shake my head at her and say, "You haven't lost us, Clitter. You're here, under our roof. We gave you a flat here; we gave you more independence than what you had. You have a job you seem to enjoy and have become close to Sugar, who's taken you under her wing."

She sniffles, "But Meghan."

I butt in, "Refused to let us completely faze you out." Her eyes widen. "She knows your history, Clitter; she knows we're your family. Unless Meg says otherwise, you are banned from the clubhouse, but if she says you can come back, then you can; whether that's just to party or to move back in, that's up to you, but one more fuck up, then you're out." Her tears fall, and she wipes them away. "My girl Clitter is all heart. We knew she wouldn't be happy if you'd lost your family after having a shitty one herself; now you just have to show her you can be trusted, especially around Lilah." She nods, and I tilt my head towards her. I need her to understand the love my girl has for me and what true love really is about. "Did you know I'm her only?"

Her eyes widen while Dagger spits out his drink, coughing, making me chuckle, and I nod. "I took her virginity when we made Lilah, and she spent five years hoping to find me. That is love, Clitter. My being her only thought while I drowned in misery was fucking anything that wore a skirt because I couldn't find her all while she wanted just me, no one else."

She sniffles and wipes her tears again. "I really fucked up."

I nod, and so does Dagger: "You did, but you are also family. We all grew up with you. We all knew you when you were the nerdy girl keeping her head down; we all knew you when your whole world was torn apart; and we all stood by you over the years despite your behavior to anyone who would show us attention. We're still standing by you, Clitter; if we weren't, you wouldn't be working here, and you wouldn't be living in the flat upstairs. You just have to realize the trauma you put not just my woman through but also my daughter, because you couldn't handle your guilt. You need to sort yourself out because there's only so many chances our brothers can give you."

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