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"Y-yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

He grins at me while cupping the back of my neck and kisses me passionately while Lilah wraps her arms around us, both giggling.

Love fills me completely; this man has saved me in so many ways since the first day we met, and he has no idea. He slows the kiss before pecking my lips a couple of times, then rubs his nose along mine and says, "I love you, Wildcat."

I sniffle. "I love you too."

He pulls back, then grabs the absolutely beautiful princess-cut ring that sparkles, placing it on my ring finger before grabbing the black cut. It has the club's logo on the back with the words, ‘property of Slicer’ underneath it, which he helps me put on. He grins wide before kissing me again.

"Come on, Wildcat, let's go tell the brothers."

I nod and grin before he wraps his arm around me while keeping our daughter in his arms, walking us back to the car.

A few hours later we're pulling into the bar parking lot. It's completely packed. I go to get out and go to the driver's side, thinking he's just picking up his bike, until he smiles wide at meand says, "Come on, Wildcat, let's go." I raise my brows at him and look at Lilah, who grins widely, and I shake my head before getting out while he grabs our daughter. We walk hand in hand inside the bar and stop seeing most of the brothers here, and Noah grins widely.

I chuckle, knowing what he's about to do, and brace myself as he whistles loudly, getting everyone's attention and making them all look toward us.

"Brothers, old ladies, club family, and patrons," I shake my head while Lilah giggles at her daddy's posh speech while the brothers chuckle but look on in confusion. "I believe you all know the mother of my child, the woman I had been trying to find for five years." The brothers look at him like he's lost the plot, but Leah is jumping on her toes, already noticing my cut, and I grin at her. "But I know her as my OLD LADY AND SOON TO BE WIFE."

He lifts my left hand up that he's holding onto, showing my ring, before spinning me, showing everyone the cut.

The whole room echoes with cheers while Lilah giggles as Rose rushes over to us, grabbing all three of us into a hug and making everyone chuckle. Brick takes hold of me, pulling me from his wife's huddle and hugging me into his arms, making me grin before Noah's sister Mazie takes me from him, hugging me too. We've all become quite close, especially me and Mazie.

She admits to her faults and is doing her hardest to change.

Everyone can see it.

She pulls back and says, "Alright, let's see it." I grin and hold out my hand, and she nods while mumbling, "Good work, Slicer." I chuckle before she hugs her brother while Rose hugs me again, tighter. I faintly hear Mazie in the background though: "I'm so proud of you, little brother." Rose and I pull apart in time to see Noah hug his sister tighter, and I grin as Brick tries but fails tosneak away with Lilah. "DAD BRING ME BACK, MY NIECE." Brick runs, making Lilah giggle as Mazie chases after them, and I chuckle, going back into Noah's arms, where I belong, as his brothers come up to us next, patting his back and kissing my cheek.

We walk over to the bar once everyone has congratulated us, and Leah grins and says, "Champagne to celebrate?"

I just chuckle and shake my head. "Soda, please." She nods, knowing I'm not a big drinker. Noah wraps his arm around my waist, placing his head into the crook of my neck. "We've lost our daughter, baby."

I turn to see her being fawned over by her auntie Mazie, and I grin.

"I love how close they've become, although I know Mel isn't happy about it."

I feel Noah nod as he chuckles. "Mel's a sweetheart, and she understands. Mazie's been a different person since meeting Lilah. I think our daughter may have saved her auntie when we all just about gave up on her."

I smiled, hearing the pride in his voice, before leaning back against him, loving the feeling of his arms around me. This is my happy place: being in his arms, surrounded by family, while our daughter is being loved on.

I smile. "You saved me."

He puts his fingers under my chin, making me turn my head so I can see him. "What do you mean, Wildcat?"

I just smiled wider. "Just what I said. You saved me. When I met you, my parents had written my destiny in the sand, and you washed it away. You made me feel alive for the first time in my life; you gave me our daughter, who helped me fight every day; you gave me your heart and never gave up on us when Ifelt like our daughter needed you more than I did. You saved me, and you continue to save me every single day. I couldn't be more grateful to have finally found you again and to have you in my life because you are my whole world, and I know I'm yours. I know everyone knows you as Slicer, but to our daughter, you're her hero, her daddy, and to me, you're my Noah Carter, my everything, and I love you so much."

His eyes have turned glossy, and he leans down, kissing me in a passionate kiss, showing me with his actions how he feels about my statement of love. I grip his top, not wanting to let go, but knowing we're in a public place and Silver is probably watching, I really don't want to be propositioned again, so I slowly break the kiss before he pecks me a couple of times.

"You saved me too, Wildcat; remember that."

I smile at him and kiss him again before turning in his arms, placing my nose in the crook of his neck as his arms wrap around me, keeping me safe and protected in his warmth.

About an hour later, Noah is climbing into bed in nothing but a towel, and instead of lying next to me, he climbs over me, making me grin as my legs part to make room for his hips. He places a kiss on my lips, then goes down to my jaw, then towards my neck, where he rasps, "Our girl is flat out asleep after a busy day, and now I'm hungry." My stomach clenches and my clit pulses at his words as he kisses down my body: "I love that you wear my same top from all those years ago for bed, but it has to go."

He leans back slightly and removes the top, my bare breasts coming into view and making him groan as he dips down, taking a nipple into his mouth. I gasp at the sensation as he gently bites the bud, then sucks hard as his other hand gently twists the other one, pulling on it. I start to wiggle underneath him, tryingto get some friction on my clit and he chuckles. "You need more Wildcat?"

I nod frantically, and he smirks before kissing down my body and tearing my panties making me scowl at him. They're the fifth pair this week that he has torn. He looks up at me and shrugs. "You should know not to wear them to bed, Meg."

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