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I gag while Gunner laughs his ass off as I rush to the bathroom. "Fuck, I'm going to have to wash my fucking dick too."

I quickly strip and get into the shower I have attached to my office, scrubbing my body when Meghan comes to mind.

Her blue eyes shine at four in the morning as I kiss her neck.

I grab a hold of my hardened dick, stroking myself.

I look up at her, my eyes feasting on her body as my tongue darts out, licking her from ass to clit making her gasp, and her hips lifting off the bed before I suck her clit into my mouth.

I move my hand faster as I hold myself up with my other hand against the shower wall. I can feel my spine start to tingle with just the memories of her.

I move my tongue down to her entrance, stiffening it before poking it inside, moaning at her taste, before moving my right hand to hold her hips down, my left going to her clit where I strum my fingers quicker.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

I can feel her bud tightening, and I quickly suck it into my mouth as I shove two fingers into her tight cunt, bending them into a come-hither movement, finding her g-spot, and she cums, screaming my name as her juices flow through my mouth, and I groan, loving the taste.

I come back as my cum spurts out onto the shower floor and down the drain, and I moan, "Meghan," before placing my head onto the cold shower wall, the water splashing on my back, and I squeeze my eyes shut.

"Where are you, wildcat?"

Chapter 2


I sigh as I pack up my stuff from my English class. Why I decided to wait until my last year to do this class, I have no fricking idea. I managed to complete my physics with lab last year, along with my chemistry with lab, but this one is kicking my ass. I stand up before bending down to grab my bag when I suddenly feel dizzy.


I grab a hold of my desk and take a deep breath before swallowing hard.

I'm not stupid; it's been eight weeks since I lost my virginity and slept with Noah. He didn't use anything, but I'm on the pill, and have been in secret since I was fourteen for my periods. My grandmother snuck me into the doctors' offices behind my parents' backs; she never agreed with her husband or my parents' lifestyle; she was dragged into it by her father with an arranged marriage, so she's been trying to help me since I was born, right until she got cancer two years ago and passed. I know she left a trust for me with her lawyer, which I can now access; my parents don't know, though.

Once the dizziness disappears I quickly make my way out of the classroom and head to my car.I have exactly one hour until dinner with my parents. Tonight's mandatory; apparently, they have some important news to tell me, but I have a pit stop tomake first. Swallowing hard, I climb into my car, hating that I don't have any close friends to talk to.

I would speak to Cindy, but since I slept with Noah, she's been off with me, scowling every chance she gets, and she tried to get me fired from the diner, saying I stole out of the till on a night I wasn't even working, so it's safe to say she was jealous and wanted Noah, which means she most likely lied to me about him not wanting more with me.

She basically ruined something that could have been great, and yet she went with the guy who had 'pres' on his leather vest.

I quickly stop at a shop a town over and use their toilet. I place the stick on the counter before washing my hands, and I wait the three minutes that are required before taking a deep breath, picking it back up, and holding the stick in my hand before flipping it over.

My breath hitches.


Oh crap.

I swallowed hard, wiping the tears that started to fall from my cheeks.

I don't even have Noah's number, and I never saw the name on his vest, so I don't even know to which club he belongs.

I can't even ask Cindy because I know she won't tell me; she wanted him to herself, and she hates that he chose me and that he wanted me. I sniffle before taking a deep breath as my phone rings, and I know it's my mother asking where I am. I swallowed again before throwing the test in the bin. I quickly leave the shop and get back in my car, squeezing the stirring wheel.

I'm going to have to tell my parents, and they'll most likely disown me. Thankfully, I have five bags of clothes in the trunk because half the time I have to wear the clothesthey buy me when at home. The dress I'm now wearing is one of my own. It's white with flower patterns but won't be deemed appropriate for the church because it's strapless. Shaking my head, I quickly grab my phone, ignoring my mother's missed call and text. I bring up my grandmother's lawyer's name.

It rings five times before the voicemail picks up, and I clear my throat.

"Hi, Mr. Andrews, It's Meghan Campbell, Lilah's granddaughter. I was wondering if you could give me a callback, please. I need to access the trust; I've just found out I'm pregnant, and my parents will most likely kick me out. Thank you."

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