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I quickly leave her room and go to mine and Meg’s. I completely ignore her sitting on the bed, reading peacefully, not fully registering her there or the situation, and rush into the walk-in wardrobe.

"Uh, Noah, what are you doing?"

I quickly grab her bag and say, "I'm grabbing your bag; we need to go, baby; you're in labor."

I rush out, throwing her bag near the door, while I grab the baby's bag from the attached room that we built on the side of the house, like an annex that we can use for each child we will have, before throwing that with the other bag.

I quickly look to Meg, feeling frantic: "Fuck baby, why are you still sitting there? Come on, you're in labor; let's go."

She gives me a once-over, looking at me like I'm crazy before noticing the wet patches on my ass and bursts out in laughter, and it hits me, fucks sake. I place my hands on my hips and drop my chin to my chest. "Where's our daughter?"

Still laughing, Meghan stutters, "At Mel's h-house f-for a-a sleepover. S-she left f-five minutes a-ago.”

I shake my head before lying on the bed flat on my back, my head near her very large stomach that looks ready to pop soon. "We're raising a hooligan Wildcat; only yesterday Axel found a snake sitting on his chair in church, and it wasn't even fucking fake, and last month your friend helped her dye Clitter's hair bright green after your friend wasn't happy that you allowed her backinto the clubhouse despite Clitter only coming for gatherings now."

Clitter managed to speak to Meghan not long after we got engaged; she apologized, and Meghan lifted the ban, but Clitter chose to keep her independence. Now they're not BBFs or anything, but I think Clitter wants to be.

My girl just isn't ready yet.

They speak so baby steps.

She laughs again before rubbing her fingers through my hair after letting it loosen from the bun. The cold metal of her wedding band and engagement ring feels nice against my forehead, and I sigh, loving the feel of her fingers on me. We had gotten married about a month after I proposed. She didn't want a wedding; she just wanted me, so we agreed with just our daughter, my parents, and my sister, much to everyone's dismay, including Mel, who was pissed for a while over it but in the end understood.

"I told you we needed to ban that series in the house."

Meg speaks, bringing me back from our wedding, where she just wore a simple white maxi dress and me in my usual black jeans and a button-down black shirt, cut over it, grinning wide at each other as we said our vows with our daughter standing in the middle of our bodies.

I nod my head because she's right; our girl is learning too much.

"Or maybe we just hide her from my sister for a while, and Mel, those two are bad influences."

She chuckles, "Good luck with that."

I hum, knowing it's pointless too, before sighing. Fuck, I'm tired.

"Long day, baby?"

I nod. "Helen is becoming a fucking nuisance. She fucked up five delivery orders so far, leaving us without half the alcohol weactually needed and the other half of what we're full up with, causing my sister to put a deal on, and then tonight she decided to make a pass at Hawk again." She winces, and I nod. "She now has a broken nose and has been fired."

She chuckles, "Maybe, and don't bite my head off, but maybe you should consider your sister for the manager role again; she's really proved herself."

I smiled at her; last time, I must admit, I did bite her head off. I still didn't trust Mazie, but now she's come such a long way, and I'm so proud of her. "I already did, and she accepted; she'll be attending college two days a week for a degree in management to help her."

Meghan grins wide. "That's awesome, baby."

I grin before closing my eyes, loving just being here with my girl. Just the thought of ever losing her makes me feel sick; she's my everything, and I always look forward to these moments.

I'm nearly asleep when I hear her gasp making me pop my eyes open, "you ok?"I swallow hard, waiting for her answer before sighing in relief, "Yeah, your kid likes my kidneys."

I close my eyes again, enjoying our peace, until a few moments later she breaks the silence.

"Uh Noah, I've either pissed myself, or our boy is coming."

Our boy, fuck.

I love that we're getting a boy who can watch over his sister.

Our boy.

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