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“Yes,” Nova said before Ben could finish. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry.” Nova carefully slid arms around him and kissed his neck, making Ben shiver. “You need sleep.”

Ben wondered if he was even going to be capable of it, but at the very least, he could try. Having Nova there, being nestled in his arms, would give him comfort even if he couldn’t drop off. Tangling their fingers together, he pulled Nova through the room and past his bedroom door.

The light was off, but he was grateful he’d at least tidied up earlier that day so he didn’t have to explain piles of laundry and an unmade bed. He flicked the bathroom light on, then felt hands at his waist, so he paused and turned his head.

Nova nuzzled his jaw. “Let me undress you.”

Ben had been all ready to explain to Nova that he wasn’t in the mood for anything except a short kiss and a long cuddle, but suddenly, the only thing he wanted was to feel Nova’s touch on his skin. He nodded, then let Nova pull him toward the bed. His breath caught in his chest when Nova’s gorgeous fingers curled over his buttons and carefully popped them one by one until his chest was exposed.

He made a soft, almost desperate noise when Nova leaned in and kissed his sternum, then moved to his right nipple, giving it a gentle tug with his teeth before doing the same to his left. Ben’s eyes fluttered closed, and one hand came around to cup the back of Nova’s neck as those same clever fingers went for the button and zipper on his slacks.

Piece by piece, he was stripped until he stood half-erect in just his boxers, and Nova didn’t look down, even as he cupped his hand over where Ben wanted to be touched most. “You’re the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life,” Nova whispered.

Ben lost his breath seconds before Nova surged in and captured his lips. He backed Ben up toward the bed, then laughed into the kiss as Ben’s hands scrambled to peel Nova’s clothes away from his body. It was awkward and terrible and wonderful all at the same time, and Ben couldn’t stop grinning as Nova finally pulled back the covers, then shoved Ben against the cool sheets.

“Mean,” Ben pouted.

Nova’s brows rose as he dragged the tips of his fingers over Ben’s chest. “I’m sorry, gorgeous. Let me make it up to you.”

Ben opened his mouth to reply, something smart-ass and quippy, but then Nova cupped his dick, and with a throb against the man’s palms, the only thing that left Ben’s throat was a deep groan.

Nova’s smile turned a little sharp. “That’s more like it. Fuck, you are so responsive.” He straddled Ben’s thighs, then used the heel of his hand to drag up his shaft as his other one went for Ben’s nipple. He pinched hard, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, and Ben’s back arched as much as he was able with the weight of Nova on him.

“More,” Ben said.

Nova traced Ben’s lips, then slipped two fingers past his teeth and let the tips rest against the back of his tongue. “You beg so fucking pretty, baby. Show me how good you’ll treat my cock.”

Ben’s eyes rolled back as he curled his tongue around the digits, then began to suck. His sex life had never been particularly adventurous, so he was feeling suddenly wild with want. He felt unrestrained and a little out to sea because he wanted so much, but he didn’t have words to begin asking. Pushing up on his elbows, he took a deep breath through his nose, then pushed forward so he could take Nova’s fingers to the back of his throat.

He fought back on the gag, drooling a little from the corners of his mouth, and he felt drunk on the needy look Nova was giving him.

“You like that, don’t you?” Nova asked, his tone full of wonder. “Fucking…Christ, you’re going to kill me before the night’s over. He pulled his fingers out of Ben’s mouth, then without much warning, he dropped to Ben’s side and shoved his hand inside his boxers.

Ben let out a soft, startled cry when Nova took him in a firm grip, then began to jerk him off hard and so fast the sound of skin slapping bounced off the walls. Ben’s orgasm raced along his skin, his balls tight, his whole body desperate to let go.

Nova leaned forward and nipped his jaw hard. “Don’t fucking come,” Nova ordered. “Do you hear me?”

Ben nodded, and Nova nipped him again.

“Words, sweetheart. Give me words.”

“I, unf,” Ben said, physically fighting back his climax. “I understand. But I’m so close. Please, please,” he started to whine.

Nova only tortured him a moment longer before pulling his hand away as abruptly as he’d grabbed him, and Ben fucked his hips uselessly into the air a few times before his need to come faded. When he was brave enough to open his eyes, he saw Nova staring at him with naked, unabashed wonder.

“How do you want to come?” Nova asked.

Ben swallowed heavily, his throat a little dry and scratchy. His voice was wrecked when he said, “On your cock.”

Nova tipped his head, dropping his forehead to Ben’s shoulder. “I was really hoping you were going to say that.” He took a few calming breaths, then lifted his gaze. “I want to edge you. Will you let me?”

Ben’s face was burning. “Um.”

“I think it’s what you want,” Nova said, his voice barely above a whisper. He drew a circle around Ben’s nipple, making it stiffer and more sensitive. “You liked it on the phone. You liked me telling you not to come just now. I can tell it gets you off—being brought right to the edge, then denied. You like begging for it.”

Ben felt like there was a river of lava under his skin and it was about to consume him. There were things he’d never admitted to anyone—including himself. Things that, every now and again, would consume a fantasy as he lay in his bed in the dark. He’d fall asleep with the wordpleaseon his lips and his dick in his hand, a pool of come cooling on his stomach.

In the morning, he’d shower it away and tell himself it was just a onetime thing. That he was recovering from his ex.