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“Love you, too.”

I slump onto the floor and shake my head.

Unless I’ve been living in an alternate reality over the past several weeks, I’ve felt like Dante and I have hit a stalemate in our relationship. We haven’t been on a date in what feels like forever, and with him hopping on every podcast on the planet, he’s been “saving” his voice for other people.

He has yet to notice any of my decorations around our apartment. When I asked him if he wanted to stay up last night and drink twisted eggnog over a “Truth or Dare game,” he said, “Do you honestly think that’s something that an aspiring billionaire would do?”

In desperate need of a distraction, I call the first person who crosses my mind.

No, wait.

Scratch that.

I call thesecondperson who crosses my mind.

“Hey Georgia!” Savannah answers on the first ring.

“Hey. You got a second?”

“I always have plenty of time for you. What’s going on?”

“I need some boyfriend advice.”

“Of course!” She gasps. “This is about Dante, isn’t it?”


“Well, Grandma Hattie already told me everything, so before you start, let me give you some advice.” She pauses. “You need to make sure you have every work assignment done to perfection before you come home.”


“There’s a new organizational app I’ve developed that can make sure that you’re at least three weeks ahead. Also, be sure to ask your boss if there’s anything extra that you can—”

I hang up and call the person I should’ve called first, after all.

“Yes, Miss Grey?” Dominic answers on the first ring.

“I think there was a mixup with me being off today.”

“I believe you mean,fraud.”

“Most normal people don’t leave their email passwords out on their desk…”

“They also don’t trespass into the boss’s office by stealing the building engineer’s keys.”

“That’s why I used a bobby pin.” I clear my throat. “I mean, oh no. I believe I was breaking up just then. Did you hear me?”

“Every goddamn word.”

“Oh, well, um…” I sigh. “I’m sorry I falsely gave myself off days.”

“Are you really?”

“No, but I’d like to come in and finish all the work I’ve missed, so I need access to one of the overtime suites. Can you please tell security to let me in?”

“I’m spending the night here already,” he says. “I’ll let you inside. Would you like me to send a car for you?”

“Yes, please.”

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