The Office Guest

Author: Whitney G.
Category: Romance
Total pages: 75

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The Office Guest

This could possibly be the worst holiday season ever…

My ex-boyfriend just booked the best suite at the resort where I work (with his new girlfriend, not me), half of the staff has called in sick with the flu (they’re lying so they can attend a huge festival in town), and my sister is driving me crazy with her incessant wedding planning.

These things wouldn’t normally be a big deal during any other season, but “Christmas” changes everything.

And this Christmas, my “little big lie” about a non-existent fiancé is finally in danger of being exposed to my family …

To prevent that from happening, I decide to download The Office Guest.

It’s an app for anyone who needs to hire a “fake & attractive businessman” to impress close family and friends.

At least, that’s what I was hoping for.

When the guy I selected bails on me at the last minute, the app promises to send me “an even sexier replacement.”

They must’ve meant “the devil wrapped in red,” because this guy is not some random actor.

And he’s definitely not a “fake” businessman…

He’s my former boss.

The asshole who fired me last Christmas.

Okay, now it’s officially the worst holiday season ever...