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Around three in the morning,Georgia tiptoes into the bedroom.

It’s her first time coming here since we arrived, and instead of joining me in the bed, she slips into an oversized T-shirt and plops onto the couch.

She pulls the blanket up to her neck, and I push off my covers and walk over to her.

Sliding my hands under her body, I lift her off the cushions.

“What are you doing?” Her eyes flutter open.

“Putting you where you belong.” I drop her onto the bed and move beside her. “You’re welcome.”

She rolls over to face me. “We don’t need to sleep this close together.”

“Okay.” I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her even closer. “Anything else you want to say?”

“I keep trying to avoid you, but you’re the only thing everyone wants to talk about.”

“Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“No, I just wanted the keys to running the resort,” she whispers. “I can’t even say ‘Good morning’ without someone responding with, ‘How is Dominic’s morning?'

I laugh. “I’m having lunch with your grandmother tomorrow. Anything I need to know?”

“Yes. Don’t go.”

“I think she just wants to get a sneak peek of the engagement ring.” I laugh. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Are you going to tell her you threw it out the window?”

“No, I have one to show to her.” I trail a finger against her perfect, puffy lips. “I bought a pretty convincing one the other day.”

“Part of our deal was that youwouldn’thave to do that.”

“It’s just in case,” I say. “Thank you for the coffee mug you sent on billionaire day. If I’d known it was from you, I would’ve said something sooner.”

“That’s okay, you’re welcome.” She pauses. “Did you ever notice the tiny sentences in the letters saying, ‘I still hate you for what you did last Christmas?’ and ‘I hope you’re miserable?’”


“Okay, I’ll show them to you.” She tries to roll off the bed and get away from me, but I’m done playing that game.

“You can show that to me in the morning.” I kiss her neck, and she sucks in a slow, unsteady breath. “In the meantime…”

I slide a hand against her T-shirt, slowly pushing up the hem until I can see her pussy.

“I have work in a few hours.” Her breathing slows. “I can’t.”

“You can’t let me kiss your sexy ass lips and finger your soaking wet pussy until you come?”

“Yes…” She moans as I slip two fingers inside her. “Fuck…Yes, you can do that.”

“I plan to.” I roll her on top of me. “We’re officially donetalkingfor tonight…”



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