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“I don’t blame you,” I whisper under my breath.

“I’ve got two thermos’ worth of hot coffee for him in my car, but he also wants some bagels.” She looks like this is a life-or-death event. Can you order some fresh ones?”

“He can have these.” I toss her my bag of untouched bread.

“What?” She presses the bag against her cheek and gasps. “You honestly expect me to servetheDominic Reiss cold bagels?”

“We can use the car vents to warm them on the way there.”

She drops my bag to the floor before rushing over to the counter to order new ones.

Annoyed by another Reiss Enterprise intrusion, I shut my laptop, but an idea hits me.

Scrolling through my contacts, I find the first “office guest” I hired—a guy who eventually quit the app and started his own business.

“Tate McGuire Services,” he answers on the first ring. “How may I help you?”

“Hey um, my name is Georgia, and you gave me your phone number a while ago.”

“Oh, hey! I remember you!” There’s a smile in his voice. “Did your boss ever manage to get that spray paint off his windshield?”

“He bought a new car.” I shake my head. “Anyway, I was wondering if you had anyone on your team who could show up and scream during an outdoor meeting for me tonight. Like, just walk around screaming all types of crazy stuff until we’re forced to end it. If so, how much would that cost?”

“Well, if you want the full hit, it’s five thousand. If you want a minor hit, like roughing him up while leaving him thankful it wasn’t worse, it’s five hundred dollars.”

“No, wait. I just want someone to show up and ruin a meeting.”

“I feel you. We’re talking in code, and ‘ruin’ means beat the hell out of him, right?”

“No, I’m being quite literal.”

“So, where do you want to meet me after we beat up the guy?”

“There is no ‘beating up the guy’ at all. I’m hiring you to create a distraction.”

“How about we assault him anyway, and you pay us in installments for the favor?”

I hang up and resign to my fate.




Weeks Later

I’m staring out the backseat window as Georgia’s boyfriend Dante sets up a “Future Billionaire: Ask Me Anything” sign in front ofmyheadquarters.

What the hell does she see in this guy?

From what I’ve gleaned about him, he makes a living from making motivational videos on YouTube and selling “How to make six figures in a month” digital courses.

If that’s not questionable enough, he’s been using the same picture of himself for years. With his slightly faded khaki suit and short red hair that matches his tacky checkered tie, he looks more like a used car salesman than an aspiring entrepreneur.

Since he’s loitered in front of my building for the past few weeks, he’s stayed late enough to drive Georgia home. He’s also interrupted all my one-on-one meetings with her and made it impossible for us to spend much time together.

I have to be missing something.

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