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“More,” she pushes past swollen lips. “M-more talking.”

I find her clit with the pad of my middle finger and worry it firmly. “Is this what you came in here for, baby? You needed me to take care of you?” In the mirror’s reflection, I watch her back arch. Watch her throw her thighs wider, draping them over mine, opening her pussy to my gaze, my touch. Goddamn, she’s incredible. An angel that’s been cursed with a budding sex drive and I’m the chosen one who’s lucky enough to relieve her. “I’ll service this little pink cunt of yours. Day or night.”

And I don’t know why I do it, but I slap her pussy.

I slap it twice.

“Zach!” Jill’s head falls back on my shoulder and her petite body shakes with such violence, I’m worried I hurt her. Until I feel the deluge of moisture coating my fingertips…and I realize I made her come. She liked me talking nasty to her, being a little rough, and Jesus, for someone who has always worried I’d be too physically demanding with her, on account of my size, that blows my mind. The eager writhes of her ass in my lap as she orgasms make my breath wheeze in and out, my fingers continuing to stroke her clit through to the end.


I can’t control myself.

There she is in the mirror, naked, coming on my fingers, her nipples in juicy little points, so sexy, she shouldn’t even be real…and my cock is being strangled.

It aches. It aches.

To say nothing of my balls, which are furiously trying to climb inside my body.

Tightening. Squeezing.

Before I can temper my own actions, I’m throwing Jill face down on the bed and pinning her down with my considerable weight, pumping my cock into the split of her ass, humping her through my sweatpants, grunting and groaning into her hair.

“I’ll wreck this pretty little cheerleader ass. I’ll fucking wreck it.”

I watch her fingers curl into the bedspread and worry I’m behaving like an animal, or worse, scaring her, but I can’t stop. I’m bucking against her so wildly, the bed bumps across the floor. Every single one of my muscles is pulled tight as a bow string, a bead of sweat rolling down my temple and…mother of God.

She lifts her ass just in inch, moaning my name and I hit pussy. I hit Jill’s pussy.

I come so hard, my teeth grind down and I bellow in my throat like a bull, just barely trapping the sound with her shoulder. My stomach seems to cave in on itself, squeezing, my balls pulsing, pulsing, emptying themselves as I continue to hump her brokenly, ejaculating against her cunt from behind, nothing but a layer of sweatpants between us. My spurts are rolling down the insides of my thighs, soaking the front of my sweatpants, so that eventually my thrusts against her bottom produce a sloppy sound and it makes me come more. Harder.

Until finally I’m totally spent. More finished than I’ve been in my life.

But I’m not relaxed. God no.

I’m climb off Jill, anxiously turning her over, searching her beautiful features for signs of stress or tears or disgust. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“Uh-uh,” she says huskily, her lips turning up at the corners, a lazy, languid smile stealing across her face. “No, Zach. You didn’t hurt me. That was…that was…”

I hold my breath.

She throws her arms around my neck, hugging me tight. “Wonderful.”

My arms go around her, too, hauling her up against me, whispering a grateful prayer up at the ceiling. God. I squeeze my eyes shut. Every time I think I’m as in love with Jill as I can get, I go deeper. There’s a voice in the back of my head, telling me I’m going to have my heart ripped out, but I don’t listen. I can’t. I’ve got the girl of my dreams naked in my arms and even if it means I’ll eventually get my chest slashed into two halves, I’m not giving this up.

No, I’ll keep this feeling as long as she’ll give it to me.


I trail my fingers up and down her spine. Man, she’s soft. Everywhere.

“Yeah, Jilly Beans?”

She looks up at me through her eyelashes, leans up and French kisses me slowly, wetly until my cock starts to stiffen again. “We’re going to break your third rule,” she whispers right against my mouth. “Just thought you should know.”

I can only lay there with a knot in my throat as she dresses quickly and climbs back out the window. And I spend the night listening to her giggle drift through my bedroom door, replaying her promise over and over again, wondering if I was an idiot to think any rules could apply to something as addictive and intense as this.

Wondering how long it will take her to leave me in her rearview.

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