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“Zach,” she mouths. “Zach.”

Both of our bodies lose tension at the same time, her legs drop from around my hips and I hold her against my chest, kissing her hairline, saying the sweet things I wasn’t capable of when she had me so turned on. “Beautiful girl. Sweet, sweet girl. You felt so good. So perfect.”

“So did you.”

“Are you okay? No pain?”

“Just a twinge, but it’s nothing compared to how good it felt.” She looks up at my, her eyes luminous. “Zach—”

There’s a brisk knock on the bathroom door.

Jill slaps a hand over her mouth and I can tell by her expression she forgot we’re at school. I guess I have no choice but to take that as a compliment, but I’ll think about that later. “Just helping her get to the bathroom,” I call to the nurse, kneeling down and working the panties back up Jill’s legs, fixing her dress around her thighs, before standing and zipping myself back into my jeans, swiping the sweat from my brow.

“You shouldn’t be in there with her, Mr. O’Meara,” the nurse says angrily through the door. “If she needed help to the bathroom, you should have come to get me.”

“I didn’t think it would be inappropriate.” At this point, I’m just buying Jill time to fix her hair. “I’ve known her since we were kids.”

“Ooh yeah!” Jill pipes up, grabbing some paper towels, both of us wiping the trails of come from her inner thighs. “I’m really like his sister.”

I give Jill a skeptical look.

She winces. Shrugs.

The nurse knocks again. “Out!”

“Sorry,” Jill sings, leaning heavily on me for assistance while I pull open the door, escorting her through like a fragile patient. “When you gotta go…”

The nurse glances between us and the bathroom, suspicion written on every line of her face. “Go back to class, you two.”

“Right away,” Jill says, using my arm for support all the way to the door, both of us trying and failing to subdue smiles. “Thanks for everything!”

We laugh into the empty hallway, holding our sides from keeping in the amusement.

She looks at me with sparkling eyes.

And at that moment, everything seems perfect.

Utterly, unbelievably perfect.

I’m even starting to ponder the possibility that Jill might have…feelings for me. As long as I’ve known this girl, I’ve never known her to do anything half-hearted. She’s all or nothing. Would she give her body to me with no reservations if she didn’t at least feel something?

I don’t know.

It seems insane that she might want me for more than…exploring.

I’m also very aware of the fact that letting her move on, in an hour or a day or five months? It just got next to impossible.

And I might have to do something about it.

Like ask her to homecoming.



There’s something in the air. A difference in the way things felt yesterday.

For one, Zach texted me last night.

Goodnight, Jilly Beans.

I was so surprised to receive it, I almost launched straight off my mattress and face planted on the floor, which would have led to my second injury of the day. There was no one to ask for advice on what to text back. I could probably have called Harper, but I don’t want to make her my confidant in all things Zach. That wouldn’t be fair to her.

I’m not allowed to tell anyone at school.

And my mother would have just eye rolled me.

So I panicked and sent back a selfie lying on my pillow, along with a kissy face emoji.

The second thing that makes today different from all other days is it’s my first full one as a non-virgin. I have an enormous secret that is running in my head at all times. During class, when my friends are talking to me. I haven’t seen Zach yet today and I’m hoping I’ll feel a little more anchored when I see his eyes. Maybe they’ll give me a hint about what he’s thinking. Or if he’s starting to feel more serious about our relationship.

I do a quick check of my reflection in my locker mirror and close it. Right before I turn around I hear some of the football players snickering behind my back. Some of my friends from the cheerleading squad are laughing, too. Encouraging them. If it wasn’t already obvious who they were talking about, one of the football players picks up a cheerleader, carrying her the way Zach carried me yesterday. They look at each other with exaggerated affection while everyone around them makes kissing noises.

“Oh Zach.”

“Oh Jill!”

“Save me!”

Laughter erupts in the hallway and my face flames, my back bumping my locker.

Yes, of course, I’m a little embarrassed. I’m lucky enough not to have a lot of experience being the object of ridicule before. I’m also caught off guard. Irritated. They don’t know anything about me and Zach. And how dare they make fun of his heroics? His concern for me?

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