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“I’m so sure.”

I lick into her mouth for a kiss and she returns it excitedly, her thighs flexing around my waist, the wet heat of her cunt circling on my hard cock. If we were in my bedroom, I would spend an hour making her ready, worshipping her pussy with my tongue, but this is wild, without order or plans. There’s no stopping this. We both need it for different reasons. Me because I fucking love her. Jill because she’s a horny little girl who chose my lucky cock to be her first ride. And I have no choice but to give it to her.

“No screaming. Don’t make a sound,” I rasp, guiding the tip of my shaft to her opening and finding it quivering, drenched. Christ. She’s practically shaking with the need to be fucked. My body reacts to her obvious need on instinct, driving my swollen inches into her firmly, watching her eyes go blind as I slowly impale her to the wall.

Oh. Oh fuck.

My eyes roll back in my head, mouth falling open.

So warm. So tight. Wet, milking girl surrounding my cock. I knew being inside of Jill would be mind-blowing, but this? No man deserves this. She’s snug and firm and welcoming and shit shit shit how am I going to last a minute? Especially with her tits out, her eyes glassy with the same desire that’s wracking me, owning me. My balls are already in an invisible death grip, the base of my spine being wrenched and twisted.

I take two handfuls of her sweet ass in my grip, press our foreheads together and breathe, breathe with her. Try to center myself. “Does it hurt, baby?”

“A little, but…” Her eyes jog over my face. “I’m so happy, I barely feel the pain.” She bites her lip and constricts her inner walls, producing a strangled sound from my throat. “Fuck me, Zach.”

Those three words set me off. Jill never curses. She’s a good girl.

But not right now.

Right now, she’s a hot little temptation with her panties on the floor, her dress around her waist, her tight pussy full of my dick. There’s no way to make this romantic, like I always swore her first time would be, on the crazy chance she ever had it with me. No, this is down and dirty, two virgins who’ve been craving this adult act so long, we move in a frenzy. I rail her like a dog in heat, squeezing my cock in and out of her little cunt, boosting her up, up, up against the wall. She makes a mewling sound every time there’s impact, her legs dangling and loose around me, her fingertips buried in my shoulders, titties shaking all over the place.

“Such a hungry pussy you’ve been hiding under that little cheerleading skirt, huh, baby? All those innocent smiles at the crowd, shaking your pompoms. When you really just wanted to drop your panties for me, let me bang you raw.”

Her legs jerk around me, breath catching. “Oh m-my God. More.”

“Yeah, I know.” I grit my teeth against her ear, rifling into her snug hole, my balls tightening, tightening. “I know what you need. You need me to tell you what a hot little fuck you are. You need me to tell you I’ve been jerking off in my bedroom to your giggles for years.”

She sucks in a breath, her sex pulsing around me. “You have?”

I shouldn’t be telling her this, but I can’t hold back. I can’t hold anything back. Not when I’m finally inside of her and the end is so close. So close. “I imagine you naked and giggling in my bed, trying to roll away so I won’t come on you, but…I hold you there. Underneath me. I get it all over your belly and tits and…”

“My face?” she asks breathlessly.

I grind into her roughly, wincing at the intense pleasure. “Yes.”

Her face is flushed with pleasure. “Bad, bad Zach.”

My fingers bite into her buns, keeping her still so I can get more impact, feel that hilt like a slap every time I go balls deep. “Yes. Bad.”

“I shouldn’t let you come inside me,” she whispers, in a way that says she wants the opposite.

Our eyes lock and I see the thrill there. The eagerness. And I respond, “Maybe you don’t have a choice, baby. I couldn’t pull out of this tight fucking kitty if I tried.”

After that, it only takes one pump and she’s coming, her teeth stuck in her lower lip, legs trembling uncontrollably. I follow her, making a hoarse sound into the curve of her neck, my hips slamming forward, pleasure-pain gripping my gut, twisting it as the relief burns through. My muscles ripple with power and helplessness at the same time and I watch her in awe, watch her blue eyes go sightless, her body seizing, her sex throbbing tightly around me, stroking an immense amount of spend from my cock without apology.

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