Spearcrest Devil

Author: Aurora Reed
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult | Dark
Total pages: 140

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Spearcrest Devil

Luca Fletcher-Lowe - The Devil

My life unfolds behind the curtains of London's exclusive clubs, where I hold the city's elite in the palm of my hand. The only thing I value is power, and secrets are my currency.

And then I meet her. The mysterious girl with the poison eyes. She turns the tables on me and swipes the power right out of my hands. And then she runs, thinking she got away with it.

She thinks I won’t catch her—but she’s wrong. I’ll stop at nothing to find her and punish her for her hubris.

Willow Lynch - The Shadow

Revenge isn’t just my duty—it’s my passion. My goal is to settle the score against those who've wronged me; every rich, worthless man I crush in my path is just a bonus.

Then I meet Luca Fletcher-Lowe. Despite his reputation, Luca is no different to any other rich man: just another worm to crush under my boot.

Maybe adding insult to injury and leaving him bound and injured in a hotel room was a mistake. But devil or not, I’m not scared of Luca Fletcher-Lowe.

If he wants to hurt me, he’ll have to catch me first.


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