The Sunset Shores 2

Author: Ivory Fields
Category: Romance
Total pages: 14

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The Sunset Shores 2
Her father led a double life – and she has two sisters she never knew.

When Sophie Cast inherits a surprise beach house from her late father, she stumbles onto a shocking discovery that throws everything she knew about the man who raised her into doubt: she has two sisters whom she’s never even met.

Devastated that her father – the model gentleman – concealed an entire second family from her, Sophie struggles through a storm of emotions while navigating the murky legal waters of inheritance. And as she comes face-to-face with the siblings she never knew she had, they become determined to piece together the wild story behind their shared father’s chaotic life.

As the future of both families swirls in the idyllic confines of this small seaside town, old secrets will come to light – and Sophie will be forced to take a deep dive to discover who her father really was.

Can these surprise sisters come together and form a bond strong enough to weather the storm? Or will the emotional weight of redefining their pasts be too much for them to handle?

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