Temporal Tantrums

Author: Storm Song
Category: Paranormal | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 56

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Temporal Tantrums

In a world where death is the beginning of a sinister game, Averill Winslow, an unrelenting private investigator with the rare ability to manipulate time, wakes up to find herself wounded once again.

But this time, her survival leads her down a twisting path to uncover the chilling truth behind her mother's murder. As she delves deeper into the web of lies and betrayal surrounding her family, Averill teams up with Kylo Quinn, a charming yet dangerous detective harboring his own secrets, and Ansel Lake, a mysterious billionaire with a passion for saving the environment.

With every step closer to the truth, Averill must confront unimaginable forces and face heart-wrenching betrayals that threaten all that she holds dear. As she unravels the mystery of her mother's death and navigates a dangerous entanglement of love and desire, Averill must also grapple with her own destiny.

Will Averill be able to clear her father's name, seek justice for her mother's untimely demise, and surrender herself to the intoxicating pull of two irresistible men?
Or will the treacherous deceptions from those she once trusted bring her downfall? The stakes have never been higher in Averill's quest for truth and revenge.


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