The Roses I Left Behind (The Bellevue Trilogy)

Author: La'Chris Jordan
Category: Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 32

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The Roses I Left Behind (The Bellevue Trilogy)

For almost twenty years, Thomas White has kept his feelings hidden. But now, the year is 1855 and Thomas is returning from Boston, Massachusetts, to the slave-holding state of Louisiana to face the memories that haunt him – memories of betrayal, pain, and most of all, Jeyne, the beautiful slave girl he fell in love with when he was only sixteen years old. Now, as a grown man, Thomas is being challenged to let go of a love that has transcended time and start a new life as the sole heir to a vast plantation he does not want. But a series of events – including the discovery of a shocking family secret – leads Thomas to a box of old letters and back to the North again, this time to the bustling, cobble-stoned streets of New York. Once again, Thomas is forced to make a difficult and daunting decision, one that could change his life – and those around him – forever.