Tempting Reese

Author: Crystal Vranich
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 66

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Tempting Reese

Reese Carter is a single mom. When her husband abandoned them, he cleaned out the bank account and left with a model half his age. Making ends meet and staying away from men is something Reese knows how to do.
Her car dies. Mav, her son who attracts trouble, gets thrown out of school for fighting. Reese gets fired from her job at the diner when the police call to inform her; she needs to come to the station to pick up her grandfather. Oliver, her grandfather, traveled across the country to visit and conveniently forgot to tell Reese he was coming. Yeah, it is just another day in paradise.
Cash Jacobs moved back home to open a garage. When he wanders across the street to help a kid work on a beat-up car, Cash has no idea life is going to throw him everything he always wanted wrapped up in a tightly wound single mom who is spitting fire at him for talking to her son. Reese is his. She just doesn’t know it yet.
As far as Reese is concerned, her cocky neighbor can take himself across the street and stay there. Life with a fifteen-year-old and an eighty-year-old is interesting enough. Why would she want to add more bossy testosterone to her life? Why is Cash so insistent that she belongs with him? Some people can have it all, but she isn't one of them, is she?