The Girl Who Survived

Author: Nichole Severn
Category: Thriller | Mystery | Suspense
Total pages: 65

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The Girl Who Survived

Leigh Brody returns to her hometown when a body is found marked with her name. Will it give her the chance to solve a mystery that has shadowed her life for years?

It’s been twenty years since Leigh found the murdered body of her twelve-year-old brother, Troy. Her father was arrested for the crime, but she never accepted that he did it. Her hunt for the real killer almost cost her everything…

Now working for the FBI, Leigh is called back to New Hampshire when a series of copycat crimes are committed. Only the killer has left a very specific calling card, a plastic army figurine, the same as the one she found on Troy’s body, and carved into its base: Leigh’s name.

This case is as personal as it gets, and this time, Leigh is determined to make the right person pay. But when another child goes missing, can she dig deep into her past to find the clue she missed years ago and put a monster behind bars for good?