Protected By the Biker

Author: Khloe Summers
Category: Erotic | Romance | Biker
Total pages: 20

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Protected By the Biker

Can this older mountain biker find love with a pregnant girl from the past?


Math says that steering clear of a rough, tough, bad-ass biker is a good thing.
My heart says otherwise.
Seeing my ex is the best thing that's happened in months,
But now I don't know what to do.
I'm nine months pregnant and everything is falling apart.
I don't want him seeing me like this.
Trouble is, seeing me like this only makes him want me more.
I should pull away, try harder to keep my distance.
He's aggressive, possessive, and reckless as hell.
But I'm a weak little kitten when it comes to his big, inked up, frame.
And I'm not afraid to admit it.

I’ve never been one to settle down.
Until Collette.
But something isn't right.
She left me in a panic nearly a year ago and now she's back and acting strange.
I don't do second chances, but for her, I'd do anything.
Unfortunately, she's playing hard to get.
Lucky for both of us, I like a challenge.