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She walks around, studying the tiled floor, then the open space area and the floor-to-ceiling walls displaying the stunning beach ahead of us. And I, who should not focus on her but on the circumstances, have another brain glitch, and my gaze feasts on her.

I appreciate the soft line of her neck as she bends over a chair to get a better look outside, then idiot that I am, I continue to study the soft curve to her side, and my attention rests on her ass.

Desire stirs inside me. It’s plumper than I would have imagined, probably because I never lusted over an employee’s ass. That definitely goes against my compartmentalizing rule.

She wore cute and appropriate clothes at work, and these denim jean shorts are all but. They cling to her curvy hips, to her ass, and the hem whispers sinfully below where her ass meets her thigh, which makes me think she even picked one size smaller, or bought this with the goal of derailing anyone from their regular activities just by looking at her.

“Nice view,” she says, pointing out the clear sand and clear blue ocean ahead.

“Riley, what are you doing here?” I ask, confident of the authoritative current in my voice.

“You’re not happy to see me?” she asks, feigning innocence.

Happy? Hell no. I’m confused, aroused and everything in between. “What’s going on?” She knew where I’d be. Hell, she planned my trip, at least the logistics of it. I picked the place and gave her my dates, and she worked her magic. But her being here was never part of the package.

“Well, a few different things, for starters,” she says, and even though she lifts her chin, a pang of nervousness laces her voice, and her bottom lip twitches. She’s edgy, which makes me apprehensive in response. Why the hell is she here? If there was an emergency with the company, I would know. My assistant Beth would contact me. “First, I’ve always wanted to visit this place… ever since I heard about it, which was about three months ago,” she says, hands fidgeting.

“So now you’re a stand-up comedian.”

She bites her lower lip. “Okay, fine. Your companion couldn’t make it. She’s got some rash or something. Didn’t want to go into details. You know, girl stuff.”

I frown. The only reason why she knows about Sylvia is because I gave her the name of who would be coming with me so she could organize the details and expedite things. Besides a quick coffee date with Sylvia a week prior, I don’t know much about her myself. Still, if this were the case, Sylvia would contact me, wouldn’t she? She has my number. “And you couldn’t text me to let me know?”

“I’m doing better. I found you a replacement.”

“Riley, that’s highly inappropriate.” Is she for real? I barely exchange more words than small talk with Riley in passing. Her office is in a different floor than mine. I remember Alex mentioned once he thought she was cute, and I told him to keep his hands off my employees. My son certainly doesn’t operate under the same ethical code as me, the reason why he’s not really moving as fast in the company as he thought he would. Kid has a lot to learn. “What replacement?” I ask, challenging her to keep going. I never discuss my personal life at work, but I’m sure deep down some of the employees know I’d be a perfect sugar daddy. Maybe some of them saw me in public with much younger dates. But I don’t make a habit of talking about it.

“I’m your sugar baby for your birthday celebration,” she says, and my heart stops beating.



Apprehension sits heavyin my stomach, then it travels around, and acid pushes up my throat. God. Should I gesture with my hands and saytah-dah, in a dramatic fashion to lighten the mood?

He looks at me, spine locked into place and hands perched at his waist. He doesn’t look like he wants to fuck me. He acts like he wants to put me over his knee and spank me for pulling this on him.

Well, granted, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. That could be the ice breaker this awkward moment needs. “Do you-do you want to spank me?” I ask, before thinking things through.

A glint travels across his brown eyes, but he doesn’t move an inch. “What?”

I swallow. Fuck. Of course in my head, everything happened without a hitch. Everything was much easier and faster. Though in my defense, three days wasn’t long enough to plan perfection, particularly given my lack of experience landing a man like him. “I came as replacement. I mean, I’m not that bad looking,” I add.Yes, girl. Sell yourself.“Listen, I’d love to start saving towards owning a house, and the amount of money you’d drop on Sylvia with expensive gifts and shit was insane,” I add. “So I figured, since she couldn’t make it, I’d come and be that person, and sell the designer bags and jewelry afterwards. You know, make good use of the money. It’s never too soon to start investing,” I say, with the confidence of a person who reads business journals.

“How magnanimous of you.”

I wave him off. “Well, I’m a newbie, so I don’t know how these things work, but I learn fast. And I’ve been told my tits slay.”

He snorts. “What the hell does that mean? Do they come with tiny mechanic arms on the side and can handle a sword?”

The only sword my tits would handle will be his, I think but don’t have the guts to say.

I rub my palms together, hoping for immediate wisdom. My friend Lily works at Sugar & Silk, a sugar baby agency, and she told me a bit about how the sugar daddy and babies relationship work. But I guess having topersuadethe older man to accept me as the sugar baby is a different story. “Well, you date younger women, you should know what slay means.”

“I do. But never heard tits could slay.”

“Well, mine can.” Apparently. Well now, they better. God, I should have used a better argument. After the emotional distress of catching my boyfriend with my roommate and plotting revenge while sleeping on Lily’s couch for three days and then dealing with three godawful flights, my brain isn’t working as fast as usual.

A small smile curls his lips, and a mix of fear and excitement trickles down my spine. “I can’t wait to see.” He tilts his head.