Pregnant Forced Mate

Author: Luna Walker
Category: Romance | New Adult | Paranormal
Total pages: 77

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Pregnant Forced Mate
A huge dragon kidnapped me and wants to impregnate me a.s.a.p.
I’m a voluptuous scientist, working late in the lab when I read the letter.
It says I’ve been selected to be a dragon’s mate and breed his babies, to save them from extinction.
I must be hallucinating, but then the dragon flies in and kidnaps me to his island…

I don’t know anything about romance. I’ve always been a nerd.
But now I’m locked in his quarters, and he’s staring at my curves.
He says he doesn’t believe in mates, especially when it’s a weak, fragile human.
But I’m the one who’s been selected for him. And so I’m the one he’ll have.

If I don’t obey him, he says he’ll make my life a living hell. But it already is.
He watches me sleep and jealously guards my body as it swells.
He strokes me with his cruel hands, and scolds me until I’m ashamed.
But when I’ve done my duty and given him his baby, will he leave me to die?

Or can we be a little family?

Aurora Dragon Island is full of fire-breathing, terrifying dragons. Anyone who dares to approach will be eaten alive…except if you’re the woman who can breed them babies…in which case they will show you what’s really underneath those cold scales.