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“Will!You can’t.I’m—what if I wore the wrong thing?”

“Nobody’s going to think you’re a corporate whore, sweetheart.That’s just for me.”

“No, I mean—what if they think I still work here?Oh my God.I should go home.”

He drags his lips down the side of my neck, adding the slightest pressure with his teeth.Every thought in my mind dissolves into a fantasy about pushing the emergency button and staying in the elevator for the rest of the day.

“You’re assisting me during the transitional period.”

His hand is fully under my skirt, his fingertips inches from the lace covering the parts of me that are already embarrassingly slick.“That’s—that’s a temp.I’m yourtempnow?”

“No.You’re the love of my life.”

The elevator stops.Will’s touch disappears.He pulls my clothes back into place, straightens his tie, and grins at me.

“I hate you a little bit.”

“If anybody asks, you’re filling in as my temp today.It’s not a big deal.”

“I should’ve worn jeans.”The elevator doors slide open, except it’s not Will’s floor.He steps off, taking me with him.Will nods to the receptionist behind her big, elegant desk, and we keep moving.“I take it back.I’m glad I wore the skirt and the blazer.Why didn’t you tell me you had a meeting on Finn’s floor?”

“It’s more like ten meetings.Short ones, with no formal agenda.I’d describe them as conversations.”

“That sounds like it’ll take most of the day.”

“Good thing my new office is right by his.”

“Your new office?”Will’s old floor was beautiful, as far as offices go, but this one is on another level.Literally.It’s higher up, with plush carpeting and more expensive furniture.“You didn’t mention a new office.”

“New job, too.”

I nudge him with my elbow.“It’s not fair for you to keep secrets.”

“I would’ve told you last night, but by the time I had a chance to tell you about it, my tongue was otherwise occupied on your—”

“Will!”It’s Greg, my former boss.“Bristol.Good to see you.”He comes level with us and slaps Will’s shoulder.“Congrats on the promotion.”

“Thanks.I’m excited to get started.”

“That’s good to hear.”Greg’s genuine, with not a hint of jealousy about the fact that Will apparently leapfrogged him after one unscheduled meeting with Finn Hughes.“You’re the right guy for what comes next.”

Will laughs.“Did you mean to make it sound so ominous?”

The first flicker of nerves appears on Greg’s face.“It’s a departure from the status quo, that’s all.But then—that’s where you make all your money, isn’t it?”

“You could say that.”

“Everything’s on a bit bigger scale this time around.”

Will grins like he’s about to start one of his underground fights.“Good.”

We spend the morning doing office things.Will wasn’t kidding about his conversations with Finn.He makes several trips to Finn’s office to ask him about this investor or that shareholder.Everything from his old office has been delivered in a collection of neatly labeled boxes, but there’s a second, larger set of documents about the whole of Hughes Industries.All of it needs a place.

After lunch, Will gives me an approving nod.“My new secretary is going to owe you.”

“Candy didn’t move up here, too?”

“Nope.She’s back with Greg.”