Claimed By Priest

Author: Cassi Hart
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 25

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Claimed By Priest

My dream of moving to the city quickly becomes a nightmare when I find myself lost, alone, and with nothing but the clothes on my back. With no money and no identification, I go to the one place I thought would offer me help, only to be betrayed and passed off to human traffickers. Locked in a box truck with several other girls, my future looks dark and miserable until we’re suddenly rescued by a beast of a man. But my savior is no angel . . . He’s the president of the most powerful motorcycle club in the city. And he’s decided I’m his.

When a rival motorcycle club starts sneaking through my territory at night, I’m determined to find out what they’re up to. After catching them in the act, I’m enraged to find that they’re trying to traffic young girls right under my nose. But before I can show these men just what how I deal with scum like them, I’m distracted by a beautiful girl with golden hair and eyes the color of her name. Sky quickly becomes the center of my world, and I’ll do anything to ensure she never feels afraid or vulnerable again. I’ll show my rivals just what happens when they mess with what’s mine. And make no mistake, this girl is mine, and once I have my mark on her, I’m never letting her go.