Harmony Interference: The Laverian Empire

Author: Tanya Steverding
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 85

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Harmony Interference: The Laverian Empire

An East Texas small-town woman goes to the big city of Austin, Texas, to be a student in the School of Arts. Darah finds the dreams she has at her fingertips, and her newfound independent adult life is shattered before she even has a chance to start.
Tragedy touches her family, and everything shifts out of place. In her grief and downfall, Darah is sorting through the next steps to get back on track when she is stolen from Earth, transported through a god portal, and thrust into a faraway universe.
Darah is more confused than ever when she lands on an invaded and harvested planet. She encounters two of the only remaining lives left on this invaded planet. She decides if they are friendly while trying to escape the invaders who are stealing all life from this planet.
She must act quickly to survive in this new universe, where she learns of aliens and new worlds of people and beings with advanced technologies and space-traveling abilities. Gods and Goddesses cause issues for the Galactic Empire, and Darah is at the center of it all.
In this, why choose fated mates, Sci-Fi romance, and whether Darah can accept her new life away from Earth? Will she be able to survive the war and battles ahead of her? Can she accept her fated mates and keep them safe in all the dangers she faces trying to save the stolen people from the planet Laverian and other worlds that the invaders harvested?