Salt Love

Author: Marika Ray
Category: Romance
Total pages: 73

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Salt Love

What do you do when you find out your husband’s cheating on you, your aunt just passed away in Florida, and your boss gave the promotion to your work nemesis, so you threaten him with bodily harm in the middle of a board meeting?

Well, after getting escorted out of the building by security, I fly straight to Sunshine Key to deal with my aunt’s estate. There, I meet my new neighbor, a gorgeous, surly man with all the charm of a rusty anchor, but at least he’s easy on the eyes when he’s not scowling. My aunt leaves her boat club to the two of us. Fifty-fifty ownership despite the fact I know absolutely nothing about boats. Or Florida. The will declares I have to live on this tiny key one full year if I want to inherit the oceanfront house too.

As I reclaim who I am as a woman, as well as discover which pieces of my fractured life I want to glue back together, Dec Boggs starts to show a sensitive, protective side under that crusty exterior that has my battered heart beating again. But the man is hiding from his own past and not even a string of boat rides, gator encounters, and sultry nights below the palm trees can get him to open up. More secrets get revealed with each day I spend in Florida and old family wounds are exposed.

Should I abandon ship after the year is up? Or will this salty life in the Sunshine State become a salt love?