Undercover Mafia Alpha

Author: Jena Wade
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 31

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Undercover Mafia Alpha

Jeremiah has been away at school, following his passion for art while also studying criminal justice. The family needs a trusted lawyer and Jeremiah is ready to get back home and be there for them. As the only omega in the family, his dad and brothers have indulged his interests but it’s finally time for him to finish his degree and come home. Not just to work in the business but to marry into one of the other powerful families so they can secure their position against plotting to bring them down. Everyone has a role to play, and that is Jeremiah’s.

Felik Mennetti has been embedded at the university for months, working his way into the heart and mind of Jeremiah Ferrini in order to infiltrate the family. It wasn’t easy but he’s finally close enough to Jeremiah to make an impact. Unfortunately, the hit doesn’t land where he expects.

How can he fall for this omega, this Ferrini, who he’s spent years planning to destroy? He does his best to avoid the pull, but when he realizes he can’t wish his affection away, he has to try a different route to get his family to drop their beef and accept the one he’s chosen to be his.