Kiss of the Night (Carnal Thirst 2)

Author: Sylvia Day
Category: Romance | Vampires | Suspense | Mystery | Paranormal
Series: Carnal Thirst
Total pages: 19

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Kiss of the Night (Carnal Thirst 2)

Special Task Force agent Alexei Night has been in lust with Interstellar Council Representative Briana Michaels ever since the first time he saw her on the vid comm. But their lives are worlds apart. He's a vampire. She's not. There's no possibility of a relationship between them. Yet he still dreams of her...

When Briana's unpopular position supporting vampiric rights threatens her family, Alex leaps at the chance to protect her and be with her. It's a two-week journey to her homeworld, and he'll spend it making love with the woman he can't keep, trying to get enough of her to last an eternity. Their erotic connection is easily established but their bond doesn't overshadow the danger surrounding Briana.

A hopeless romance with a woman whose mortal life is threatened... Things can't get any worse for Alex. And then somehow...they do.