Renegades (Badlands 7)

Author: Natalie Bennett
Category: Horror | Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Series: Badlands
Total pages: 101

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Renegades (Badlands 7)

Of the devil’s flesh and bone, the prince is ready to claim his throne.

I want power.
Cam wants penance.

I've got a black cult religion backing my decisions.
He's got demons hungry for carnage.

Everything was going smoothly.

Until her.

She's the forbidden fruit we're supposed to beware of, but something carnal is growing between us.

Now, with tensions mounting between various factions, a bloodbath looms on the horizon. Chaos and destruction start to erupt across the Badlands, everything comes down to one thing.

Survival of the worst.

Forewarning, this isn't a cookie cutter romance. This isn't about love. This is a story of brutal possession in a world without morals. Enter at your own detriment. ;)

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