Greed (The Deadly Sins)

Author: Roy Glenn
Category: Erotic
Total pages: 65

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Greed (The Deadly Sins)

An uncontrolled, intense and selfish desire for increase in the acquisition of material gain. It could be for social value, status, power and especially wealth.

Valencia DeVerão was on top of the world. Her do whatever it takes to make it attitude had served her well. A self-made millionaire at the age of twenty-two, is now the head of one of the top technology companies in the city. But it came with a cost. She was being blackmailed, she was a suspect in a murder, and somebody was trying to kill her. The answer to all of her problems was simple; bring Mike Black to the table. Which, as many before her have found, is much easier said than done.
After a chance meeting with Shy, Valencia sees an opportunity to accomplish her objective, and make money on a deal with Shy in the process. That plan not only failed to bring Black to the table, but dragged Shy deep into her web of lies and deceit. With her enemies closing in and her options running out, Valencia turns to ex-lover and member of The Family, Geno Crocker for help. But will it be enough, or has her greed sealed her fate?

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