TNT (The Dominator 1.50)

Author: D.D. Prince
Category: Dark | Erotic | Crime | Romance
Series: The Dominator
Total pages: 65

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TNT (The Dominator 1.50)

Get a more detailed look into Tommy & Tia's wedding, their wedding night (a tub of ice cream, a spreader bar, and threats to rip off the vanilla wedding dress? Yowza!), the honeymoon period, and the first few tumultuous weeks of married life in Costa Rica.

Lots of fighting and lots of making up!
This book has the rough and the sweet.

You've heard a bit about their wedding and honeymoon in epilogues and in their reflections in books two and three, so there won't be plot surprises, but now you get to be a fly on the wall and experience EXACTLY what happened.
This is a novella with all sorts of JUICY details.
In essence, this novella IS all juicy details.
Not a standalone. To be read after The Dominator

Although this takes place between books 1 & 2, it's best experienced after book 3 as there is some overlap and potential spoilers for those who haven't already read all three books.

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